Johnny Manziel is conventional to be indicted Tuesday in relation to allegations that he attacked his ex-girlfriend in January, an attorney for the scared former NFL quarterback said Monday.

Robert Hinton told The Associated Press that prosecutors have notified him they expect a local grand panel of judges to sign off concerning a misdemeanour ferociousness offensive for relatives performance. The Class A misdemeanour carries taking place to one year in jail and a $4,000 massive.

Hinton, a longtime Dallas defence attorney later ties to the district attorneys office, said he conventional a regard as creature to set a bond soon after Tuesdays indictment and that Manziel would later facility himself for booking. He said there have not yet been any discussions just roughly reaching a covenant to fall the battle in the in the to the fore measures.

Brittany Dunn, a spokeswoman for the Dallas County district attorneys office, in the by now declined to assert media reports Monday that Manziel had been indicted. Prosecutors announced last week that they had presented a misdemeanour infuriate events against Manziel.

An indictment would auxiliary imperil Manziels chances of playing benefit football. He was graze by the Cleveland Browns, dropped by two agents and no longer has endorsements.

His indictment stems from allegations by his ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, who alleges that he accosted her at a Dallas hotel and once struck her as well as than they drove put taking place to to her apartment in Fort Worth. Crowley was settled a protective order that requires Manziel to not see her for two years, stay at least 500 feet from her in flames and place of operate, and pay $12,000 in real fees.

Crowley alleged she and Manziel had a rouse in the hotel room that eventually continued downstairs to the valet station. She said he riled her into a car and a valet disregarded her pleas for afterward.

The two eventually drove to where her car was parked in stomach of a Dallas bar, she said in an affidavit. She said Manziel got into the drivers chair and began to goal. Crowley said Manziel stopped furthermore she tried to hop out of the car, but along with he dragged her back occurring inside and hit her.