May 1, 2017 – A team of former tennis professionals with a passion for sports betting have joined forces to provide expert tips in the exciting world of tennis betting.

Their website,, was launched in March 2017 and in their 2 short months have provided their subscribers with winning tips resulting in a +24 unit profit.  For a $100 a unit better this means a profit of $2400.  Along with daily tennis betting tips, they also have a fantastic blog with very informative content relating to gambling such as best online casinos, gambling addiction, money management, etc. Their blogs also feature the latest tennis betting trends and player odds and other helpful information for tennis betting.

Several team members of NewWayInsiders had already been sharing their tips with great success before starting an official website. “We wanted to have a platform where our tips are accessible to more people”, said one of the tipsters at NWI.

They also plan to have blogs for their tennis playing subscribers that will include instruction on how to improve your tennis game, best tennis exercises, tennis diet, tennis travel, etc.

You can subscribe to their betting tips by signing up totally free at their homepage