If you live in Chicago and need a reliable maid service, go no further than King of Maids. The Chicago, Illinois-based business opened for business in 2013, and its domestic cleaning service has seen steady growth ever since. To keep trustworthy maids on staff, King of Maids uses user reviews and cutting-edge technology in its applications.

King of Maids Chicago appears like the ideal company to arrange a cleaning with, with over 9,000 reviews and 4.77 out of 5 ratings. To guarantee that every customer receives nothing short of royal treatment, the algorithm behind their quality cleaners eliminates workers who fall below a certain rating threshold. According to reviews on Yelp, King of Maids is the top-rated maid service in Chicago, Illinois. Compared to their nearest competitor, they have nearly twice as many reviews (493) on their site. Filip Boksa, the co-founder of King of Maids, claims that this is a tremendous accomplishment that has taken more than ten years to realize.

When gaining reviews on Google, it’s easy to buy them because everyone has a Gmail account, and often that Google account is very active. While the same is not the case with Yelp, where only a handful have good and functional accounts, which is why I always go to Yelp when I’m trying to find a good restaurant or service.”

Filip elaborates, “I’m not saying Google is bad, but from my experience, I find Yelp more trustworthy, because it’s easier to find ten friends and have them post ten Google reviews for your business. Now try finding those ten friends that have an active Yelp account. It will be much more complex, and the moment they make a Yelp account, Yelp will flag it as a new account.

The King of Maids website lets you schedule a wide range of services depending on your specific needs and preferences. House cleaning is one example of this type of service (houses, apartments, condos, townhomes). Clients can schedule a one-time deep cleaning before moving in or a regular cleaning service afterward. Simply inputting your zip code will provide instantaneous pricing data on this straightforward website. If the findings meet your expectations, you can schedule a cleaning. It will help if you read testimonials from the company’s prior clients before hiring them as your maid service. Filip points out that people try out numerous cleaners until they find the one that works best for them, even though we have a nearly perfect 5-star rating and all of our cleaners are at least 4.5 stars.