He is the young hotshot tipped for greatness. At a sheer 23years old he holds the title of Essex Young Person Of The Year 2015, he has been honoured for his charitable deeds through his international charity MMBF Trust and ofcourse he was most recently (for his sins) appointed to new local channel Essex TV.

In an exclusive interview Matthew C. Martino told us ‘The last few weeks have been the hardest of my life, the sleepless night, I literary slept at our Great Baddow studio as I had to assist out editing team as had to try and get content to operations as soon as it was ready so it can be loaded on the site’ 

Martino continued to tell us ‘I was honoured to have Tim, Alin and Mark as I have learnt so much from all their experience, it’s like when I didn’t know something about the website I could just call Tim and he would walk me through it. Alin and the creative team have really come to life and delivered some exciting programming for the next year or so on the channel’.

When asked about his job security Martino answered ‘Well I’ve been told not to get comfortable in my office, as long as my bosses have me I’ll continue to work to the best of my abilities’.

Despite trying to shy away from awkward questions the MMBF founder did hint ‘struggling to juggle MMBF and Essex TV’.

Essex TV is a new local channel for the county of Essex. At present it boasts of features of local businesses, events and talent whilst having a good commercial selection of content for the wider viewership.

For more information Visit: www.essex-tv.co.uk