Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday, urged the young folks of Britain to ensure that they vote in the referendum on the membership of the European Union scheduled to be held on June 23rd saying that leaving the Union would be toughest for Britain.

While the public Opinion on $BreExit is split half ways, the youth are expected to play a decisive role in the referendum result as most of the polls conducted reveal that they are more pro-European, although less inclined to vote in favor of it.

The Prime Minister wants Britain to maintain status quo and stay in the 28-country European Union and was addressing a campaign whose focus was primarily the young voters.

The Prime Minister was quoted as saying that the youth, no matter for what they vote, but they must vote as the vote will significantly impact their future and it is critical for them and the future of the country.

The Prime Minister explained his intervention by saying that he wants the maximum number of people to vote in the upcoming referendum and wanted to personally blow some new vigour into the campaign in favour of staying in the EU which had lost significant ground to the EuroSceptics according to multiple opinion polls.

The opinion polls have so far shown that the youth seem to be backing the Left of Centre Labour Party and Cameron has had to face quite difficult few weeks’ right after the budget row amidst accusations of failing to protect the British Steel Industry and uncomfortable questions over his family’s tax arrangements in the Panama Leaks.

The Dutch government was defeated on Wednesday in a referendum that rejected an EU treaty on strengthening ties with Ukraine, and one of the main reasons behind this was suspected to be the significantly low vote turn out.

When quizzed about the outcome of the Dutch referendum vote, Cameron replied that the Dutch vote had no connection in whatsoever with the #BreExit vote.

Cameron while arguing in favour of European Union said that the vote will have a significant impact on the jobs of the young people which would be affected by the impact of leaving EU. The words he chose were that the youth had the most to gain by staying with EU, and had most to lose by exiting EU.

The Eurosceptics were enraged by the decision of the Cameron government to spend 9.3 million pounds on a 16 page leaflet explaining people why it believes staying with the EU is the best way forward for Britain and its people.

The Chairwoman of the Vote Leave campaign described it as “misleading government propaganda”.

The government on the other hand, chose to stick to its stand and announced that the leaflet would be sent to each and every household in the country and also promoted online to educate voters on how to cast their ballot.