Lovingly and Orderly: A Son’s Lament is an unprecedented and passionate real-life account of a devoted son.

United States – Lovingly and Orderly: A Son’s Lament by Theodore Shorter, Jr. is a very poignant story that will seem familiar to many. Pauline Shorter was the matriarch of her family. She raised 3 girls and 2 boys on the Near West Side of Chicago, a place regulated for all “colored” folks to live. Raising them to be God-fearing children and to abstain from evil was not easy as she was a single parent. When she needed help, she called Theodore (Ted), who was always there. As the children grew older, they all went their own way, ignoring their mother. It took her hospitalization, being kept alive on a ventilator, to bring her children back to her. Jealousy reigned in the hearts of the four siblings. An older sister took charge, even before their mother’s death; she managed through malicious betrayal to leave Ted out of everything. It took being in and out of court to get justice for what his siblings had done.

Ted’s book is unique because it is TRUE, the names have not been changed to protect the innocent.  The storyline is based on an investigation inside one of the largest court systems in the United States of America. Another aspect of his book that makes it unique is that it is timeless, what was going on during the time in the storyline of his book is happening now or about to happen to another family today, tomorrow, and forever. See, before George Floyd was abused by the Minneapolis Police, they experienced injustice in 2004.

The sudden passing of a mother devoted to the worship and acknowledgment of the Lord God in the rearing of her children, when she’s the only parent in the family, is a traumatic and enduring time that will expose vulnerabilities to the moral foundation and essence of the family.

Confronted with one adversity after another by the wicked conduct of his siblings through betrayal, the son never wavered in his love, commitment, and devotion to his mother and God, despite the insidious evil and turbulent obstacles in society to stop him.

The target audience is those individuals who have faced dealing with the loss of a loved one and the obstacles that they must face.  If a book like this were written when he was going through the process of losing a loved one it would have given him an understanding of how to cope with the situation and how to be strong in difficult situations.

The single most important message from his book everything should be done with love and order among family.  He remembers a quote his beloved mother used to say, “Charity begins at home and spreads abroad.” 

About Theodore (Ted) Shorter, Jr

Theodore Shorter, Jr first publication titled Lovingly and Orderly: A Son’s Lament is an unprecedented and passionate real-life account of a devoted son. Born from a humble beginning, the author presents a frank and real account of his life before and after his mother’s death.

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