Ladi Anne is an LA-based singer, songwriter and audio-visual creator, originally from Brazil. She recently released a music-video with the famous dancer Marion Crampe, in memory of her late father.

In the video Marion can be seen gracefully dancing on a pole, floating weightlessly in the air as Ladi Anne plays a soul-touching, brilliantly written song on a beautiful white piano.

Ladi Anne has been devoted to art since a very young age. She started her international career when she was 16 and got immense success for all the hard work that she put into her passion. From teenager until now, Ladi has played sold out shows in some of the most famous venues of the United States, she created her own successful web-show that featured celebrities like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, she sang on the 2016 Official Olympics Theme Song (aired on worldwide television), worked in countless video productions as an audio-visual creator and performer. Now she is now combining all of her talents for a great cause: She is producing an 10 tracks visual-album with each track regarding a different humanitarian cause close to her heart.

The music video of “Villas” is presented with desaturated cold theme colors to give a sense of drama and vulnerability. It starts with Ladi Anne narrating a short monologue about her father’s death, which was the source of inspiration for this song titled after him “Villas”. She speaks the words so deeply that we can almost feel to be there in room with her, for how intimate it sounds, catching our full attention and admiration from the very beginning. She then walks on the direction of the piano as Marion starts spinning and flying on the pole, defying the laws of gravity.

The earrings of “Villas” will be donated to an organization which goes by the name of MindLeaps. This non-profitable organization hosts dance and educational programs for kids living on the streets of post-conflict and developing countries. Ladi Anne and Marion Crampe have decided to donate all the profits to girls of Rwanda, in a program called “Help 100% girls Lead”.

Ladi Anne has taken a great initiative not just for the sake of less privileged children but also the message her music conveys helps a lot in finding your true self, realizing what you are capable of, the potential you are unaware of. Artists like Ladi Anne are what this world needs with all the negativity we are made to deal with on a daily basis.

Villas is an amazing piece composed by her. I have seen people that got saved by music. Ladi Anne is trying to making that happen. Ms. Anne has lived quite an eventful life and now combining all her talents and giving her best for this project is something truly worthy of you applauds.

We don’t get to see that many artists donating all their profits to some organization or music that is supposed to spread positivity or anything at all with a worthy message. This initiative she has taken to bring a change not only sets a great example but is also preventing a lot of evils that cannot be easily omitted. Ladi Anne after achieving so much is now out for other people. Her new year will start with visiting homeless shelter. Ladi Anne’s efforts are something that needs to be spoken more about rather than daily negativity that we all get to hear and witness.