The founders of ParentsNeed, a go-to website for all things related to parenting, are pleased to announce that the ParentsNeed website has just been re-branded with an up-to-date and user-friendly website.

To check out the more contemporary website, which now features a helpful baby registry checklist, please visit

As a spokesperson for ParentsNeed noted, from its early days as a community-based parenting blog to a full-blown parenting magazine, ParentsNeed covers just about every aspect of parenting imaginable. From guides and tips to advice and independent industry standard reviews of products, ParentsNeed is a one-stop shop for parents.

In order to provide parents with a helpful website that adheres to the founders’ core principles of “Shifting the Focus Back to Parents,” the site is now easier than ever to navigate and use.

“The aim of the editors is to make this site a one stop shop for everything relating to parenthood and you, our beloved ardent readers are a vital part of it,” noted the spokesperson, adding that the site features information that can be used by all parents in making their parenting decisions and help the journey of parenthood to be more enjoyable.

Parents who visit ParentsNeed can rest assured that the product reviews on the site are created through the site’s in-house expert panel combined with industry standard bodies like consumer research, consumer reports and other sources.

“This makes us quite unique in the sense that we are creating a standard rather than following others,” the spokesperson said.

For example, the Top 5 products in the reviews are chosen carefully by experts and are usually very best in their own right.

“We then filter these ‘very best products’ and pick one that stands out. In other words, rather than pitching mediocre products against each other we pitch heavy hitters that are already best and choose one that’s outstanding,” the spokesperson said.

About ParentsNeed:

ParentsNeed is a website that offers information on every aspect of parenting. The aim of the site’s editors is to provide parents with a one stop shop for everything related to parenthood. ParentsNeed was recently re-branded and now features a more user-friendly website. For more information, please visit


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