SmartTruckRoute optimizes up to 100 stops with purchase of SmartTruckRoute license

BOSTON, MA, February 24, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — TeleType Co., developers of the SmartTruckRoute GPS app for truck drivers, now offers the convenience of free truck route optimization for up to 100 stops within the app. The company still offers their free website optimization tool. There are multiple ways to enter the points into the SmartTruckRoute app. Points can be sent as GPS coordinates or as addresses. Dispatchers or back end systems can send the stops directly to drivers so that drivers don’t have to enter stops manually thereby eliminating operator error in setting destinations and saving time. The other advantage is for independent truck drivers to be able to optimize the order of the stops that managers or customers request and see a visual representation of the route on the truck GPS app before beginning the journey.

The SmartTruckRoute app offers real time, daily updates on best truck routes, road closures, traffic, and displays truck specific points of interest such as truck stops, rest areas, truck parking, weigh scales, and Walmart locations. The system also offers the unique ability to view satellite images of the destinations so that drivers can accurately plan and navigate using the proper truck entrances for deliveries. The mapping and routing servers are updated daily. Safety, affordability, and convenience are all combined in this truck navigation solution. Route optimization is a free service for paid subscribers of the SmartTruckRoute app.

The company also offers developers free APIs to help integrate truck specific navigation to third party apps such as ELD, logging, dispatch, and fleet management, to offer seamless integration with the truck navigation app. SmartTruckRoute also offers deep URL linking to pushing destinations directly to drivers, helping to eliminate driver input errors and eliminate the need for drivers to enter destinations manually.

Note that the optimization feature is included free of charge with paid SmartTruckRoute licenses. Individual licenses can be purchased on line or through the in-app purchase option. These licenses can be used on any Android system including phones, tablets, and in-dash systems. Contact TeleType for corporate licensing, vehicle tracking, and route integration applications. TeleType Company, based in Boston, MA can be reached at 1-800-717-4478, 1-617-542-6220, [email protected],

Established in 1981, TeleType recognized the special concerns of commercial drivers. TeleType pioneered the use of portable GPS for truck specific navigation. TeleType continues to focus on producing the best possible truck routing and navigation solutions. The company also offers support for third parties to integrate with the TeleType solutions.

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