The large companies claim it makes the renter’s experience more convenient, but in reality it’s just skimming money from the renter.

CHINCOTEAGUE, VA, August 28, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — More and more travelers are pushing back against the large vacation home listing sites as they discover that they will get slammed with a “booking fee” if they book online.

“We hear more and more complaints every day,” says Bunnie Riedel, owner of a vacation rental listing site for the state of Virginia, “The online booking fee can add an additional one hundred to several hundred dollars to the cost of your vacation. Think about how you could better spend that money making sure your family and friends have a good time.”

The “Booking Fees” do not go to the vacation rental homeowner; they go to the large booking companies. The large companies claim it makes the experience more convenient, but in reality it’s just skimming money from the renter.

However, vacation renters are becoming more and more aware of the scheme.

“There’s a lot complaints coming from travelers, not just here in the United States, but worldwide,” said Riedel. “It’s another reason I started Virginia Vacation Rentals ( As a vacation homeowner, I wanted to create a pure listing site where renters don’t get gouged and where homeowners have complete control of their listing and property.”

Virginia Vacation Rentals is part of a growing network of individually owned regional and state sites, see the list at

“People have come to me from all over the country asking to list on my site, but it really is a site for the state of Virginia. I’m hoping homeowners will feel they are being helped and I hope travelers will see the value of booking direct,” said Riedel.

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