The Smart Keeper computer and laptop security protection offered by The Connectivity Center take a systems approach, working to provide enhanced defense against purposeful intrusions and unintentional network contamination.

HUNTSVILLE, AL, September 26, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — For companies looking to protect their vital data and information systems from hacking, contaminating, or malware, The Connectivity Center’s Smart Keeper line of devices have earned their place at the top of the chart. In a move to protect more than data, The Connectivity Center now offers Smart Keeper computer and laptop security protection.

Smart Keeper PC Locks for Desktops and Laptops

The Smart Keeper PC lock effectively prevents desktop access by locking the desktop computer using the existing desktop panel screw. Users simply remove the screw on the desktop panel, attach the Smart Keeper PC lock receiver section, and reinsert the screw. With the device in place, the desktop can be locked using either a key or a combination that can be customized to a company’s own specifications. With unauthorized access thus denied, the desktop can be tethered to a permanent fixture, using the cable that is included.

For the laptops so common in today’s workplace, even at fixed workstations, The Connectivity Center offers Smart Keeper computer and laptop security protection in the form of the Smart Keeper laptop lock and tether cable. The laptop lock brings with it the added advantage of blocking a USB port while it does its job of securing the laptop itself from theft.

Secured with a four-digit combination the lock can be set to a company’s own specifications. The laptop can then be tethered to a fixed office feature, and it cannot be removed without critically damaging the USB port to which it is connected. Vast experience shows that thieves will go where it is easier, when faced with a time-consuming and destructive obstacle such as this one.

Securing the Perimeter, Too

The Connectivity Center’s full line of Smart Keeper computer and laptop security protection provides powerful options for keeping computers in the workplace, yet it goes exponentially further than that, too. The Connectivity Center also offers a suite of network security protection devices that protect computers and networks from viruses and malware that can enter through a computer’s open and unprotected USB ports.

At the core of this system is the Smart Keeper Link Lock Hub, configured as a secure nexus for the components and peripherals that populate a typical work station. The hub houses a secured, four-port USB connection within a discreet, elegant case that doubles as the shield for connections, permitting only authorized access. In a workstation environment, the Smart Keeper Link Lock Hub is typically connected to the station’s CPU with a Smart Keeper Link Lock that prevents it from being disconnected – or another USB connection inserted – except by authorized supervision.

The hub is secured using a Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Professional in conjunction with a Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Key. The Professional Series key comprises an ergonomic, retractable housing with anti-static rubber grip, LED light for low visibility work areas, and dual-retractors – main and peripheral – for reaching port locks in confined spaces. The key patterns are strictly controlled, yet duplicate keys can be ordered to suit an organization’s own security authorization structure.

About The Connectivity Center

The Connectivity Center is a supplier of some of the leading physical cyber security and AV connection technologies. The company is especially known for its Smart Keeper series – a portfolio of physical data security products. The Connectivity Center brand prides itself in quality, value, variety, and versatility. We want to be a one stop shop for most of your connectivity needs and we love to serve our partners in this evolving industry.

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