HANGZHOU, CHINA, September 05, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — On August 31th, 2018, VILTA S, R&D by Freevision Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was unveiled at IFA Fair in Germany. As an innovative and high-tech brand in China’s gimbal industry, Freevision is subsidiary to Feishen Group, which has plentiful resource advantages. Moreover, its industry-leading control algorithm technology has formed core competitiveness in global gimbal market.

During IFA fair, Freevision launches the new product conference of VILTA S, themed as Redefine the Extraordinary Vision. Having followed Freevision series products to have strong stability performance, core algorithm, intelligent framework and upgraded hardware design, VILTA-S brings more intelligent, portable, easier user experience. VILTA-S is gaining extensive media attention at home and abroad.

As the new generation product, VILTA-S not only adopts world’s leading IMU control algorithm technology, but also combines intelligent chips, large torque brushless motor, sensors, improved core gimbal stability technology, to achieve higher responsive speed and more smooth photography experience. Whatever walking or sporting, VILTA-S always allows to keep footage stable and smooth, thanks to its outstanding stability performance in competition.

In the field of object recognition, benefit from the AI-powered IntelliTrace function in FV Share App, VILTA-S can auto focus and track object, not miss any perfect moment in different real-time scenes. Meanwhile, VILTA-S improves operation interface in gimbal handle, which allows users to directly active camera manual mode, and use wheel to directly adjust focus. Comparing to adjust parameters on the phone screen, it is definitely much easier for you to bring your creativity alive. Also, Freevision combines the DSRL shutter button design into VILTA-S. Touch the shutter button, it will auto focus. While pressing it, it will take a picture.

Besides to the advanced stability technology, VILTA-S offers a smarter response to the problem of charging and battery storage. Firstly, VILTA-S develops wireless charge, along with cable charge. Advanced version with Qi wireless charge technology will efficiently charge your phone elegantly. USB-A type charging port design, no need to use any adapters, allows you to charge your phone easily. Also, VILTA-S supports using while charging. All will prolong battery life, never missing every happy moment. Secondly, VILTA-S applies self-developed 2000mHA×2 batteries with intelligent management system. This highly efficient battery system prevents the battery overheating, over consumption, and provides a long and stable battery life of up to 17 hours. It is definitely a perfect battery management solution for handheld gimbals in world now.

When you are travelling globally or do professional video broadcast or live, what you need most is portable equipment with highlighted stability performance. In addition, VILTA-S not only surpasses many levels in core stability algorithm than that in competition, but also enhances user experience in multi-dimension on the basis of Function Value, especially for those diversified, personalized and increasingly differentiated consumers’ needs.

-Super Long
20cm extension rod can be prompt to pull and allow you to shoot at many more angles with your friends
Easy-switch portrait and landscape orientation satisfies your requirements of multi-angle shooting
Longer and bevel adjustment arm design adapts to more phone models
Three-axis follow mode to shoot freely
POV, semi-follow, full-follow, lock and multi scene modes for all your needs
Perfect Match
FV Share App equips with motion time lapse, free shooting path, panorama, vertigo shot, slow motion, beauty, filter, etc to refine photographic glamour

Freevision Intelligent Technology Company is headquartered at Hangzhou, China’s Internet innovation city. Focusing on the innovative technology in the field of stabilizer artificial intelligence, Freevision integrates product development and production, solutions and services, to solve the innovation of the stability system of artificial intelligence. According to manager of Freevision overseas department, VILTA-S, will be officially released at the mid September, 2018. We believe it will bring an innovative storm leading stabilization revolution of mobile video.

Creative, intelligent, VILTA-S, specially created for the fun of shooting.

Freevision global journey is beginning, helping you explore unlimited possibilities.

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