eSign Genie announces major productivity updates such as multi-language esign platforms and the ability to esign using an electronic signature pad.

CUPERTINO, CA, December 21, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — eSign Genie, a software as a service (SaaS) company, is excited to roll out major productivity enhancements to their esign software.

eSign Genie is constantly adding features that deliver convenience to their customers. “eSign Genie is adopting a proactive approach to solving customer problems and giving everyone a more personalized experience,” said Mahender Bist, founder and CEO of eSign Genie. “We are adding multiple languages including French and Spanish as our customers worldwide would like an esign platform in their native languages.”

The major productivity features include:

– Personal email domain: Recipients can now receive emails from the sender’s email domain as opposed to getting emails from This gives our customers complete branding and enhances the recipient experience while signing a contract.

– Multiple languages: Extended the product offering in French and Spanish. eSign Genie is working on Italian, Portuguese and German which will be ready in the next two months.

– Contract end date reminder: Added automated notification reminders for contract renewals based on the setting on the previously signed contract. Contract administrators now don’t need to worry about missing a date to start the re-negotiation process and close the contract prior to cancellation.

– Completion status bar: Added the status bar while signing to display the percentage completion.

– Added seamless integration with the Box and Microsoft OneDrive during the sending process.

– Automatic derivation of the Folder and Document name: Now you can include signer name, date of execution and any custom field in the file name. The filename will automatically change to auto-derived name after execution of the document based on the account or template or document settings. This will help you retrieve stored or archived files faster.

– Added electronic signature pad to obtain high-quality esignatures using pressure touch.

eSign Genie is one of the market leaders in the esignature industry. eSign Genie was designed specifically to meet the needs of customers looking to implement an easy and affordable solution for sending and esigning contracts. Setting up contracts, waivers, affidavits, permission slips etc. just takes a few clicks with easy drag and drop functionality. It’s hassle-free and intuitive to set up.

eSign Genie helpful features to esign documents include:
– In-Person Signing
– Embedded Signing for your convenience
– API to integrate with your website or application easily
– Integration with Salesforce
– Integration with eSignPay
– PDF upload template creation
– PDF document sending and esignature flow
– Adding an attachment during the esignature process
– Bulk esignatures
– Certification of Completion and Audit Trail
– Several signature options (upload your own signature, type to sign, or draw signature)
– Drop Box and Google Drive Integration

Sign up for a free trial eSign Genie account and see how you can esign documents and save time, money and hassle as well as increase productivity. No credit card needed. Use it for any contract signing needs at

eSign Genie is an online esignature software launched by AccountSight software company that also has a user-friendly time and billing online software. eSign Genie was developed to send contracts and documents requiring signatures in a matter of minutes. It is easy to esign documents, with robust features, versatile APIs and has the highest level of 256-bit SSL Encryption technology so that your data is transmitted securely. Please visit to sign up for your free trial.

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