Cloud-based video collaboration solution from MIVNET puts powerful automated transcription capabilities into the hands of attorneys, subscribers.

VERO BEACH, FL, March 06, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — MIVNET, the Metropolitan Interactive Videoconference Network, a videoconference meeting solutions provider for business meetings, depositions and interactive training events since 1994, has partnered with REV to offer a revolutionary cloud-based transcription and translation platform. MIVNET enables live meetings and live events, in person and virtually, regardless of geographic restrictions, using a mobile app, web browser or enterprise conference room system.

The MIVNET platform is equipped to handle hundreds of attendees collaborating and viewing content simultaneously. Attendees can ask questions via a built-in live chat feature, or even request to speak and interact visually with the presenters before a live audience. Digital document sharing also allows meeting attendees to view and share presentations, documents and electronic exhibits. The MIVNET cloud-based provider community now has an even greater added value. If you conduct a deposition or a business meeting using the MIVNET Connect solution and happen to record your meeting, you can now obtain a written transcript of the meeting.

MIVNET has partnered with Rev. Would you like your next meeting transcribed? MIVNET subscribers, feel free to reach out to Elliott at [email protected] (a project supervisor for Rev) and he will provide a $30 discount on your first transcription (any meeting under 30-minutes will be completely free).

Rev supplies written transcriptions at just $1 per minute of content so a 20-minute MIVNET call costs $20 for a full written transcription. The only other costs outside of the $1 per minute would be if you would like timecode throughout the order (no taxes, no fees, no subscriptions).

MIVNET plans to move forward and integrate the feature in the next revision so that all the usert will need to do is check the “Transcribe” option when the meeting is created and the process will be seamless. For now we just want to see the demand. MIVNET subscribers, Attorneys, Court Reporting Services, Business Centre’s, Meeting Planners, now have the opportunity to test-drive the technology using a $30 subscriber credit. This offer is applicable to MIVNET free guest accounts too.

The process is simple. Record your next MIVNET Connect meeting using the MIVNET Connect powered by Viewme recording feature. When recording is done. Upload the saved video file to Elliott and reference MIVNET. “This technology is not intended to replace a court reporter however does offer an extra set of ears an in many instances can assist in preservation of the written record,” said Mark Levy, President and CEO of MIVNET.


MIVNET is a video collaboration technology solutions platform designed for business meetings and depositions. MIVNET has been offering a proven B2B and B2C marketing program for business since 1994. Transform your meeting space with our technology and promote meeting services in the MIVNET.COM directory. MIVNET subscriptions include full featured cloud based collaboration. Advertising your meeting space is optional. Free subscription plans are available.

About REV

Rev makes transcribing your audio or video recording easy and economical. Once we receive your files, our expert transcriptionists begin working on your order. Our transcriptions are done by people, not speech recognition software, so they can capture more of the nuance and at a higher accuracy than software. Then, the transcriptions are then returned to you via email.

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