Charities, Large and Small, Can Accept Every Listed Form of Cryptocurrency

MCLEAN, VA, February 08, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — CauseNetwork announced the launch of a new tool in its fundraising arsenal – Every charity on the CauseNetwork platform can now accept cryptocurrency donations, and individuals can donate cryptocurrency by visiting and selecting from the entire IRS database of approved 501(c)(3) organizations.

The GiveMyCoins beneficial feature is now integrated into CauseNetwork’s free customized website and mobile app platform. It provides a simple-to-use way for any charity to accept cryptocurrency donations. Donors immediately receive receipts for their tax-deductible donation at that day’s current market price. Charities then receive the net proceeds from the conversion of these coins into dollars after transaction costs and exchange fees.

“Over $750B of wealth is held in cryptocurrency and that number is growing steadily, however online methods account for only 5% of all charitable donations. This has a lot of worthy charities looking for donations left behind. With this platform, we have fixed that problem,” said Clay Buckley, the President of CauseNetwork, Inc. “Now, every charity can take advantage of this dynamic digital currency market.”

“This is a great opportunity to capitalize on a new technology to raise funds for our cause,” said Katie Maxwell, founder of Teal It’s Gone, a CauseNetwork member charity that advocates genetic screening as a way to prevent cancer. “Not only does this open a new donation path, it helps us reach millennials – those most active in cryptocurrency and the next generation of philanthropists.”

CauseNetwork,Inc. operates as an agency serving the mission of The CauseNetwork Foundation. The CauseNetwork platform provides a free website, mobile app and browser app to any charity, enabling multiple fundraising methods. Currently more than five hundred (500) charities of all sizes utilize this fundraising solution. CauseNetwork offers options for charities, supporters and businesses to all become part of the cause commerce social impact movement. To learn more, visit

The CauseNetwork Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization registered with the IRS and the state of Virginia. The Foundation was formed to facilitate alternative and non-cash donations from consumers and businesses to charities. It coordinates all logistics, tracking, and settlement processes for vehicle, electronics, shopping and now digital currency donation programs.

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