A Professional Shares His Opinion

GREENVILLE, SC, March 16, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Anyone in a growing city can tell you how difficult it is to find qualified and available service providers. Some of the most in demand professionals right now are skilled landscapers. And we aren’t talking about a “mow, blow, and go” lawn care service. We are specifically discussing an actual landscaper who does installations like sod, walls, hardscapes, etc. We interviewed James Garrett the owner of Green Hill Landscaping. Green Hill is one of the most sought after landscaping companies in Greenville, SC.

Garrett states that Green Hill mostly gets business from referrals of previous clients. “While Greenville County is probably up to a half million people, the residents consistently spending $10,000, $25,000, or even $100,000 on landscaping tend to be from the same neighborhoods and are loyal to professionals they trust.” He also states that the dozen or so true professional landscapers are usually spread very thin. “Between rain and general bad weather, we probably get 36 good working weeks a year. That is roughly 12 jobs a year. Maybe there are ten other crews who could do similar work. So that is only about 120 people in the county who can get on the schedule of a good landscaper. There is just too much demand for the current supply.” While there are also probably more than 100 weekly landscape maintenance companies, they typically don’t do true installations. The real dead zone is the 1-2 day jobs for small repairs or mulch and plantings. Garrett further says that “high end landscapers in Greenville usually have too much overhead for an $800 job; and lawn maintenance crews can’t slow down or don’t have the skill set for plantings and prunings. So you probably aren’t doing anything wrong when you don’t get a call back. People are either too busy or don’t have the skill-set to help.”

Garrett has three tips. If you just need maintenance, then say hello to whoever has a nice lawn in the neighborhood and see who they use. If you need a small job for maybe a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars, then check out some of the aggregator services you see advertised during HGTV marathons. The people listed there are paying for leads and presumably need new business. Any high end landscaper doing jobs at $10,000+ will have a website with past projects and specialties. Do some online research and see which company has a style like what you need and a reputation of satisfactorily completing large landscaping jobs.

Thanks again to James Garrett for answering a few questions. He said that while usually booked up a few weeks, they are always interested in looking at new business. Green Hill Landscaping specializes in fire pits, patios, stone steps / walkways and specifically water features.

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