(US Denim & US Apparel) Denim & Jeans Collection for Brands Working on Season-Free Collection

MUNICH, GERMANY, August 27, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Known for its selvedge and innovation strengths, the US Group is now focusing on using technology to enhance more great denim styles from the past with new comfort, performance, sustainability and fashion benefits.

The US group has been around more than 40 years, Pakistan’s top denim and twill exporter for 20, and at the leading edge of denim technologies for 10. Its brands – US Denim Mills for fabrics and US Apparel and Textiles for garments -have been building on their reputations for reliability to become recognized as fabric pioneers.

This year, the Lahore-based company’s inventions are targeting the authentic styles that helped launch denim into the 1970s. A range of fundamental denim fashions, including rigid and office-smart as well as selvedge, are being re-imagined to create greater sustainability, refine vintage styles and take advantage of advanced fibers and weaves.


As well as revamping processes for dramatic reductions in water use, while moving to harm-free chemicals, US Group is boosting organic production of the Punjab’s famous bottom-wear cotton to satisfy the fashion industry’s increasing demand.

More recycled denim is being produced – including super-soft jeans that re-use the fluff that flies during weaving. Further techniques are being perfected to allow even more post-consumer up-cycling. And new fabrics are being invented to utilize discarded bottles, unwanted poultry down-feathers, and even collected spider silk!

Vintage Styles

With a huge collection of antique selvedge looms, the US Group is developing alternative-natural fiber, flex and high-tech options for this increasingly popular fabric choice.

New additions to US Group’s catalogue of other old-school re-creations range from a laid-back look with custom yarn imperfections, to a subtle stretch office standard, to a new archetypal rigid defined by an evident twill line.

Advanced fibers and weaves

Lycra weaves are delivering numerous new stretch denim possibilities. Alternative natural fibers are being blended, spun and woven for coziness. And thermal-management yarns are being incorporated for seasonal warmth.

New additions to the US Group catalogue now allow designers to explore all kinds of stretch comfort for authentic denim styles. See us at Munich Fabric Start Bluezone September 2017 Booth #C-31 for a look at our latest SEASON-FREE Denim Character2 Collection.

About US Group
US Denim harnessing the latest textile technologies for greater comfort, performance and sustainability in authentic denim looks.

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