Texture is one of the most important elements of an interesting and eye-appealing design

NEW YORK, NY, January 09, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Texture plays a vital role in adding interest to any landscape. While many people judge texture from sense of touch and the way an item feels, a large part of texture is visual. Just from sight, objects might appear to be rough or smooth, hard or soft, dull or shiny. Because of this, providing textural interest in the landscape means providing contrasts of texture. Check out these types of texture.

Fine-textured plants typically have small leaves and blossoms that are light and airy. They are best used for filling space and tend to fall into the background. They are also great in small spaces and can make them appear larger because they accentuate the form of surrounding plants.

The majority of plants are of medium texture. Therefore, a space that uses all medium textured plants can easily become dull. With that said, using too much texture can make your landscape feel busy and cluttered. Medium textured plants play an important role in maintaining balance in your space.

Plants with coarse texture usually have bigger leaves, causing them to be more eye-catching and dramatic. When used in large quantities, they make a space feel small because they provide a heavy, yet tropical feel. Coarse textures steal the spotlight from other plants so they are best used alone.

Varying Plant Height
Switching up the height of plants and flowers gives the look of layered texture that really pops. Use different containers of different heights and raised beds to achieve the look of cascading layers of colors and sizes.

More than Plants
While plants are the main focus of your space, they do not need to be the only way you add texture. The other elements in your space can add just as much texture, color and interest. Consult with our design experts to see what can be created in your space.

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