International and highly sought-after author and healer, Jerry Sargeant, is coming to New York this April to teach Star Magic. This modality is rooted in unconditional love and draws on extra terrestrial frequencies, light and sound codes.

BUFFALO, NY, January 10, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — From acupuncture to Reiki, the practice of alternative, complimentary, integrative, and/or holistic medicine, has become more widely accepted, with Reiki being practiced in many hospitals.

There’s a new healing modality on the cosmic block.

Jerry Sargeant, author of “Into the Light” and “Star Magic: Heal the YouNiverse” is the founder of Star Magic Healing, an energy healing modality he has crafted, and teaches, which draws on light and sound “codes of consciousness. ”

“This IS the number one ascension training on the planet. I’m able to edit your karmic blueprint and cause huge reality shifts very quickly, with a super-charged form of healing that uses applied quantum physics to quickly release physical, mental, and emotional blocks, stresses and traumas.” (Jerry Sargeant)

In just two years, the Star Magic team has circled the globe conducting 5-day intensive Facilitator trainings, 2-day (public) workshops, and healings with tremendous success, having touched down in Romania, Turkey, Ireland, Holland and Egypt; and later this year, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Jerry and his Star Magic Facilitator graduates have repaired broken bones, dissolved tumors, and at a training in Sedona Arizona USA, straightened a double curvature in a woman’s spine; and the growing number of testimonies are equally as impressive, on the Star Magic Healing website.

The beauty about Star Magic is there that no prior experience at all is needed. Anyone can learn it, including children. Children have participated in these events. People come from all over the world and from all walks of life, some go, just to accompany their spouse, who upon completion, walk away changed, moved, and happy.

The team will land in New York this April, with tickets now available for the following events:

April 6-7: Galactic Re-Calibration Workshop, a 2-day weekend workshop taking place in Java New York at the Beaver Hollow Conference Center (a Biggest Loser resort).
An epic 2 days of self-healing, DNA Activation, cellular re-calibration and planetary and ascension grid work. Tickets are $316.

April 8: Individual healings: If you are exhausted with conventional medicine failures and/or having health concerns, this opportunity is for a private healing session. Cost $200. Location: office of Suzanne Suchan in Orchard Park NY. email for more information to [email protected].

April 10-14: Star Magic Facilitator training: An intensive 5-day training taking place in Ithaca New York on a private estate, Lakeside Inn. The Star Magic team includes its own 5-star chef who will be preparing all meals. This is about accessing a state of transformation, effective empowerment and infinite possibilities, utilizing the extremely playful and life-changing Soul Technology known as Star Magic. Human Beings learn to reliably and consistently move into the torsion fields of the heart to access the Universal Field of Soul Technology known as the Inverted Field or Source Energy, the place of Infinite Possibility. From this point of intuitive awareness, all methods of Star Magic are easily accessible and provide for instantaneous and life-long changes, in all aspects of reality. There are less than 50 tickets available.

The attractive all-inclusive pricing includes the training, meals, and lodging. Tickets are 2000 pounds, roughly $2500.

Mr. Sargeant leads a Global Live Mediation Group that recently topped out at 2000 people on the line. Star Magic has a very popular, large meditation library for members.

Seats for the Facilitator Training can be reserved with 25% down. For those who need longer to pay, just send an email as the team is happy to welcome and work with all who are interested.

“If you have health issues and need healing, find a way to get there. Just. Get. There.

Someone had checked theirself out of the hospital and drove for hours in pain to our Sedona event and the group facilitated the healing. Let us know, reach out, the worst thing you can do is not take action. Get to New York!”

Find a way, the Universe will help it happen if you are determined. Whether the 2-day workshop or the 5-day training, Star Magic provides a life-changing experience of massive transformation.

It is said this modality is more powerful and immediate than Reiki.

Where else can you hug a Pleiadian being and play with unicorns?

For more details on these events, Jerry Sargeant or any Star Magic event and to see remarkable testimony from Facilitator graduates, past workshop attendees and healing recipients, please visit

Suzanne Suchan, B.Msc., is a Happiness and Holistic Practitioner and Astrologer in Orchard Park, NY USA. She hosts touring artists, healers, authors, and speakers.

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