QandA, the new questions and answers portal, has been launched to improve student academic achievements. QandA is more than your regular q&a website. Unlike most ed forums, it includes important information on secondary and university education.

OAKLAND, CA, February 08, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — QandA takes the concept of a student answer service a step further. Teachers and university professors are welcome to participate in the education forum discussions as experts. Not only this will encourage students to ask questions, but also will improve the quality and credibility of information available on the resource. Still, QandA is not strictly about serious education topics, there is room for hot topics and discussions!

At the moment of launch, QandA has 10 information categories students and educators can contribute to. The Self Improvement category is meant to encourage and inspire students to seek knowledge outside their classrooms. In this section, one can find growth hacks, reader’s digest, as well as contribute their real-life experiences. The Homework Help category is a useful source of information for school children and students likewise. The section contains advice and learning aides for completing homework tasks successfully.

The Schools and Higher Education categories contain the information on educational facilities, learning sources, and everyday life situations. The Education News section contains hot topics, news on education trends, and important events. As for now, 5 categories on the q&a portal are looking for contributors. QandA welcomes experts to contribute to the Student Loans, Studying, Custom, Exams and Tests, and Online Courses sections.

The Exams and Tests knowledge section is meant to accumulate the knowledge of currently enrolled students, graduates, and educators. Meanwhile, Online Courses category is to become a hub where all interested will learn about the latest deals and offers in the realm of e-learning and online education. Student Loans are currently a burning topic, so QandA aims to help students find effective ways of paying tuition. Expert contributors are welcome to share their knowledge and wisdom on the student portal!

QandA website has intuitive navigation, all information has maximum accessibility! A student, or a college professor – anyone will be able to find what they’re looking for using the sitewide search. Registered users can create question threads, answer questions, and follow the topics of interest. Also, authorized members are welcome to suggest edits to answers submitted by other users.

QandA has an ambition to become a credible information hub in the sphere of education. There has long been a need for a student platform to exchange important information. Don’t hesitate to become a contributor! Watch the QandA student answer service develop and grow by the day!

Qanda includes important information on secondary and university education, self-improvement and growth, exam tips, quizzes, tests, etc. Any registered member can ask questions and get answers from the expert contributors to the platform!

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