Hurst Convention Center Knows That Getting A ‘Ring Before Spring’ Also Means Securing A Venue That Won’t Make You Scream.

DALLAS, TX, March 15, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Weddings are a beautiful, magical event that allows you to share your love with your closest family members and friends. Your vows are carefully composed, your dress captures the essence of your style, and your color scheme was selected way before you met your fiancé. What people don’t like to tell you is that weddings are also incredibly stressful, with thousands of moving parts that even the most color-coding, planner-loving person struggles to organize.

All-inclusive wedding venues make planning incredibly easy! Catering, bartending, and lighting are all very difficult to arrange when you are hiring three (or more) different companies, as there will be lots of equipment that must be moved into a location for these jobs. Your all-inclusive wedding venue at Hurst Convention Center will have all the things you need close at hand, and the event center professionals have a lot of experience setting all of it up in your reception space.

For catering, it is much easier for kitchen staff to prepare something beginning-to-end in a space, than bringing in prepared food in trays and completing the cooking process in a strange kitchen. This is the reason why most catered wedding food is luke-warm and dry. With on-site food service, you will get to choose a menu that has been practiced by the staff at your event center many times before and has been perfected. Your meals will be hot, fresh, and served on time. Your location can have a buffet or plated dinner options. Hors d’oeuvres for cocktail hour can also be chosen for a delicious bite prior to the main event.

Bars are expensive to set up, and good bartenders can be hard to find (let’s be honest—Uncle Rob is not very dependable, nor is he very clear about the ingredients in an amaretto sour). At your all-inclusive wedding venue, the headache of coordinating the arrival of dozens of bottles of expensive booze is not a problem. The liquor, bar, glassware, and bartender will be on site without fail. You will be able to choose from a cash or open bar, and decide whether to offer beer and wine or a full bar package to your guests.

It is helpful to have your lighting design performed by someone who is very familiar with your wedding space. Your venue will already own all of the lights and necessary accessories. They will be able to walk through the space with you and help you decide where you need uplighting, spotlighting, and the projector for your ‘how we met’ slideshow. Another thing off your checklist!

That’s why choosing an all-inclusive wedding reception venue allows you to focus on the decisions that really matter. Picking your flowers, designing your centerpieces, and selecting the perfect playlist for your DJ do more to make a wedding your own than anything else. Having to coordinate independent companies to fit within your space is stressful, time-consuming, and is usually more expensive than using the resources available at your event center. Choose the path of less stress, and let your event center help you make your dream wedding come true.

To view rental halls and event venues that meet all these expectations, check out Hurst Convention Center, serving the Dallas – Fort Worth metro.

When it’s your wedding, it’s all about the celebration. At the Hurst Conference Center, we understand that every bride and groom deserve a stress-free, beautiful day, which is why we our Dallas-Fort Worth wedding venue is the perfect setting just for you. Our state-of-the-art facility not only has all the amenities to make you and your guests feel comfortable, but our proximity to DFW airport, area attractions and lodging make it an exceptional venue.

We are generously equipped for your occasion with the contemporary design and fiber optic star-field lighting of the Lumiere Ballroom, an outdoor verandah and custom catering. Also, we have an expert in-house staff that will handle all the details and ensure your wedding or reception runs smoothly. No matter your vision, our picturesque space will help you make memories that last. Give us a call at (817) 581-0044.

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