The World’s Only Online Marketplace for Well-Being and Living Clean

BUFFALO, NY, November 29, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Creating a welcoming, trusted and transformational environment of “conscious ecommerce,” Mindful Market is now live and bringing together consumers and business owners with shared values. Bodhi Seven Corporation, a privately held New York company, created and launched the site to showcase vendors that provide products and services to nourish the body and soul while also being good to the earth.

As the world’s only marketplace focusing on well-being and living clean, Mindful Market serves as a singular source for a meaningful shopping experience. Featuring an array of products and services that are not only targeted to today’s conscious consumers who make purchases based on their values, its promise “to enrich, inform and inspire” is validated by sellers with mission-based businesses. Consumers looking for a one-stop holistic shopping approach for products and services to enhance their lives can choose from the following categories: meditation, yoga, alternative medicine, food, health and fitness, baby and kids, beauty, bath and body, books and magazines, cannabis, coaching, essential oils, fashion, home, mindfulness, music, pet care, travel, wellness centers, vegan, zero waste and others.

Commenting on this unique global marketplace, Jim Kupczyk, Founder of Mindful Market noted: “I imagined a platform where the journey to total well-being was easy and affordable and where a community of like-minded shoppers and vendors could do business with each other. Instead of searching the web and traveling to multiple ecommerce sites, I am so pleased to provide conscious consumers with the option to find what they are looking for all in one place.”

Since Mindful Market is only recently launched and the vendor roster will continue to grow, the site is currently stocked with thousands of products that are sold through Amazon but reflect the site’s values. As the number of shops expands, these supplementary products will be replaced. Sounds True, a multimedia publishing company, which features books by New York Times best-selling authors such as Eckhart Tolle, Andrew Weil and Carolyn Myss, audio and music recordings, and online courses in the fields of health, psychology, and spirituality – just set up shop with more shops scheduled to open soon.

Mindful Market is committed to serving conscious consumers and heart-centered businesses in an environment that not only helps consumers to live a life of enhanced well-being but fosters the growth of mission-driven companies and strives to make the world a better place for all.

Jim Kupczyk, the visionary founder of Mindful Market is on a continual path to optimize mind, body, and spirit. He discovered a natural ability to help people balance and heal themselves and created the Energy T. Now pioneering the conscious ecommerce movement, Jim is gaining national and international recognition for his efforts. Jim is a founding member of The Infinity Alliance, which supports, nurtures and empowers socially conscious entrepreneurs. Members are values-driven world-shapers who view business as a pathway to a life of passion and purpose as well as a tool to implement positive social change. Jim has been asked to be a presenter at the upcoming Conscious Capitalism 2019 conference in Phoenix, Arizona. To further implement his business philosophy, Jim will donate a percentage of Mindful Market’s profits to local and global initiatives.

Who We Are
Mindful Market is the world’s only marketplace designed to connect you to products and services that enrich your well-being and your life.

We love serving small mission-driven companies that want to make the world a better place.

To serve small businesses that make the world a better place and help them thrive.

Our Vision
To become the most trusted marketplace for consumers to purchase products and services, that will enrich their well-being and lives, from companies that want to make the world better.

Our Mission
To create a welcoming, trusted and transformational marketplace in an environment of conscious commerce.

Brand Promise
To enrich, inform and inspire

Brand Tagline
a heart-centered marketplace.

Brand Values
Love: Be generous of heart & spirit
Service: Improve the lives of others
Transformation: Enable Success & Wellness
Mindfulness: Act with integrity & intention

Brand Personality
Heart-felt: warm, empathetic, welcoming
Genuine: down-to-earth, authentic, honest
Grateful: thankful, respectful, appreciative
Never: pretentious, cheeky or condescending

Brand Voice
Informal, casual, verging on conversational
Enthusiastic, but not ecstatic
Thoughtful, meaningful
never clever, smug or flippant

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