Western State Colorado University study links SweatTech Neoprene to boost in metabolism

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 19, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Obesity is an epidemic in America. Currently, one in three US adults struggles with obesity and the increased risks of developing chronic health problems caused by obesity including diabetes and heart disease. Research points out that diets alone are not an effective solution to this crisis.

Founded in 2007 by Dustin Zahursky, Kutting Weight’s original line of SweatTech Neoprene sauna suit clothing provides a safe and easy-to-implement part of the solution. The company’s premium, high-tech neoprene suits aid in weight loss and help to increase metabolism by promoting heat retention during training exercises and workouts.

With a countless number of sauna suit brands rising in the retail market, the effectiveness of the Kutting Weight SweatTech Neoprene is not only scientifically proven but also highlighted by consumers who are currently incorporating the clothing in their workouts. One of the most advanced products in the marketplace, Kutting Weight’s SweatTech Neoprene is a practical alternative to achieving fitness and weight loss goals.

Colorado University’s Lance Dalleck, Ph.D. revealed in his study, Acute Benefits of Exercise with the Kutting Weight Sauna Suit that participants saw up to a 40% greater weight loss than control subjects who did not use Kutting Weight SweatTech Neoprene.

According to the study, Kutting Weight SweatTech Neoprene offers weight loss boosting results in two ways. First, the clothing increases the total number of calories expended while working out by up to 13%. Secondly, it increases excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, also known as EPOC or the afterburn effect by up to 22%. This means that your body continues to burn calories even after your workout is over.

While training in heat can be dangerous, staying within a certain body temperature and hydration is important. ACE research has shown that heat training produces favorable physiological responses in regards to heat acclimation resulting in better thermoregulation, less cardiovascular strain and greater improvements in performance.

In addition to safely and efficiently cutting weight, the health and performance benefits to wearing the SweatTech Neoprene during fitness and training exercise also contributed to the overall dynamic of the workout.

An avid fitness enthusiast, national champion wrestler and certified ACE personal trainer, Zahursky recommends slowly implementing SweatTech Neoprene into a regular weight loss regimen including proper nutrition. While wearing SweatTech Neoprene will aid weight loss, Zahursky stresses the importance of listening to your body during workouts. Kutting Weight SweatTech Neoprene is available on the company’s site, and at retailers such as Amazon. The brand’s new line of SweatTech Neoprene clothing, engineered with increased flexibility in mind is available now for pre-order.

About Kutting Weight

Kutting Weight is a lifestyle fitness and sauna suit clothing line based in Los Angeles. Founded in 2007 by Dustin Zahursky, Kutting Weight has helped both athletes and fitness-minded individuals meet their health and performance goals. Years of extensive research backs the benefits of their signature line of SweatTech Neoprene and fitness wear. The SweatTech Neoprene delivers metabolism enhancing effects in a stylish package that allows for full range of motion, suitable for achieving water and fat weight loss.

Official website: www.KuttingWeight.com

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