Tea1218 launches a portal automatic tea brewer – TEAvago, aiming to bring premium tea closer to people, to make tea brewing more accessible to all.

HONG KONG, November 23, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Tea1218, a Hong Kong–based organic tea company, is pleased to announce the launch of TEAvago, a new innovative tea brewer of our own design. TEAvago was created so that anyone could make their own perfect cup of tea without hassle or worry. TEAvago’s interior apparatus enables mechanical control of brewing time without requiring a power source, while its exterior is composed of thermal insulation that diffuses heat evenly, thereby control brewing temperature. TEAvago’s sleek, Zen-inspired minimalist exterior is designed so that tea lovers can take their favourite sip on the go, anytime and anywhere.

TEAvago can now be ordered through our Kickstarter page. Please visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/157855016/teavago-tea-brewer, or simply search for “TEAvago” on Kickstarter.

“While we are well-known as a tea farmer and retail brand, what made us unique is our passion in tea and making it a part of our lives,” Ms Iris Lo, Co-founder of Tea1218, said, “We believe that everyone inherently enjoys a good cup of tea, but many a times the daunting task of managing brewing time and temperature, particularly for premium tea that are prone to be burnt, prove to be prohibitive for the hectic and weary. With our creation of TEAvago, we hope to bring tea closer to people, to make tea brewing more accessible to all. We want everyone to have a relaxing and enjoyable teatime, and experience the culture and spirit of tea drinking.”

About Tea1218
Tea1218 is a certified organic tea farmer and retailor. Our premium Dancong Oolong tea is grown on our own tea farm in Chaozhou, China. Focusing on creating a relaxing lifestyle for our customers, Tea1218 is the first tea farmer in the region to create our own organic tea brand and automatic tea brewer. Our company is gradually expanding to the global organic tea and teaware market.

Company website: www.tea1218.com

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