Practical training principles for success in Life, Relationships, and Business

FORT WORTH, TX, April 18, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — ManUp Gentlemen is a simple yet powerful resource for training the next generation how to be proper gentleman.

ManUp Gentlemen is a primer on training with principles that are organized and simple to learn. This book is also a road map for parents and teachers as they invest in the lives of young men.

The principles contained in this book will help families as they design a training plan for their young men that will help assure them of positive results in life, relationships, and business. The principles in ManUp Gentlemen are proven principles that have worked for decades. If you want your young man to act like a gentleman and reap the benefits of those actions in life, relationships, and business, then ManUp Gentlemen is the resource to have.

Additionally, it is a needed resource for older men to remind them of what they may have forgotten to do as gentlemen.

“An easy read that made me laugh and also reminded me of some great simple principles for success in life for men and women. These life lessons are practical, and yet many have fallen by the wayside in our current generation. I enjoyed the personal illustrations and can attest to the author’s personal use of these principles throughout his life. It should be a ‘coming of age’ read for every young man,” says Anita Wagoner Brown (CEO/Founder, A+ Real Estate, Oklahoma City Metro Area.)

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Kenny Price (Executive Director – Transform This City, Euless, Texas) said, “I have known Gary Phillips for over forty years. Gary lives and models the words and truths of this book. It is fascinating to me to now learn the back story on his gentlemanly example. It is also an inspiration to me to “ManUp” on many of these same gentlemanly principles I have let slide over the years. I highly recommend this book!”

Gary W. Phillips is a Coach, Consultant, and Author. Gary has held positions of COO, CEO, VP Sales/Marketing, and Executive Pastor, just to name a few. Gary has practiced the fine art of being a gentleman for over five decades.

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