Skin is the foundation of beauty. Intrinsic beauty is rooted in youthful skin. epiAGE, Inc. is launching a revolutionary direct-to-customer facial skin age service that can tell the intrinsic DNA age at specific spots on the facial skin.

BOSTON, MA, February 21, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — After decades of intensive research, epiAGE, Inc. is proud to announce its ground-breaking skin age DNA testing service that will be available to US customers in April, 2018.

EpiAGE skin age test is an epigenetic DNA test, which determines the intrinsic DNA age at critically selected spots on the facial skin. An in-depth epiAGE testing panel further provides an additional aging profile analysis for users planning for a better skincare regiment. Presently, epiAGE skin age is the only test on the market that analyzes the age-specific epigenetic features of keratin-19 sequence in the facial skin DNA.

The entire epiAGE test is simple and easy, requiring no personal age or gender information. All it takes for the user is to rub the finger gently at a specific facial spot, transfer the touch DNA onto a specialized sample collection card and mail it back to epiAGE. No buccal swab or finger pricking is needed and test results will be ready for review within five days after the sample is received.

“Anti-aging is at the forefront of skincare regiment. A precise and reliable predictor of skin age is crucial for assessing the effectiveness of anti-aging treatment,” said Dr. CN Wang, president of epiAGE, Inc., a renowned molecular biologist with over 30-year experiences in DNA diagnostics. “Our next-gen hybridization technique deciphers the epigenetic age concealed in the keratin sequence of the skin DNA. Since skin age is reversible, objective and reliable aging information can help our customers to fine tune their skincare regiments and select effective skin care products in order to slow down the aging process and to improve their skin health and beauty. For dermatologists, plastic surgeons and professional cosmeticians, an actual skin DNA age is valuable information that can help them provide better care for their clients.”

Many genetic testing companies offer seemingly similar DNA skin tests, which use saliva to assess the potential risk of skin damages by sunlight, skin irritants and UV irradiation. Since genetic blueprint stays unchanged throughout the life, these genetic disposition tests have little bearing on the actual physiological and aging status of the living cells in the facial skin.

The epiAGE skin age test provides real-time age information at two facial spots for $30 (plus $22 for shipping and handling). With an additional $48, you can have a closer look into the aging profile at the two facial spots. A discount program is also available to customers keen to monitor their facial skin age in order to select better skincare products to keep the youthfulness of their facial skin.

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About epiAGE, Inc.

epiAGE, Inc. brings forth a revolutionary skin age service by leveraging its proprietary epigenetic assay and sets a new benchmark for the anti-aging movement across the globe. Ensuing the skin aging test, epiAGE, Inc. will expand its testing panel to include various other tissues of the body. epiAGE, Inc. is affiliated with a consortium committed to a new DNA era using paradigm-shifting technologies invented by its founder Dr. CN Wang. Dr. Wang is a Princeton graduate with over 30 years of experiences in advanced DNA technology and has dedicated decades of efforts in bench work to consummate these ground-breaking DNA diagnostic assays.

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