Daughter in need of urgent help after Mother is harmed by medical errors.

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 19, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — There are few things in the world more difficult than seeing a loved one in pain. Debalah Repka knows this all too well as she is struggling to care for her mother, a stroke patient.

The story begins in 2012 with a routine prescription for Albuterol, an inhalant for asthmatics. The nursing home providers failed to notice some severe reactions to the drug, and Repka’s mother’s potassium and magnesium levels dropped to dangerously low levels. Carole’s life was changed forever by this careless mistake.

“The dropping of these two vital minerals in my mother’s system caused atrial fibrillation and then a massive stroke. My mother was basically rendered an invalid because of the failure of the nursing home care workers to monitor her well-being,” said Repka.

Repka did not want to stand by and watch her mother die. Through intensive research, Repka discovered a new, health promoting product called ASEA. Using REDOX Signaling Molecules, ASEA activates cellular messengers vital in protecting, rejuvenating, and restoring cells. Repka was so impressed by the results of the product, she became an associate, as she noticed it helped her Mother’s body to heal itself, with the use of REDOX Signaling Molecules. ASEA is the only REDOX Signaling Supplement available in the world.

By February 2018, Repka’s mother stabilized. She was walking, her heart rate and sinus rhythm are back to normal levels. Repka is able to return to her business, selling supplements that were integral in bringing her mother’s health back to normal.

It has been a long six years for Repka. She and her mother escaped an abusive family, survived a medical mishap, but lost their home in the process. The enormous amount of time necessary to care for her mother has taken a huge financial toll on Repka personally. Deeply in debt and without family support, she is looking to crowdfunding for support in this trying time.

“I have heard of people being successful with crowdfunding for various things from art projects to starting businesses. I know my business will be successful again, but I need some capital injection to help get myself back up on my feet. I am turning to the Internet and the greater good for help,” said Repka.

Repka set up a page on GoFundMe, a crowdfunding page where concerned visitors can make donations to her cause. Many people know that taking a moment to show compassion and help others is one of the most rewarding things in life. Repka and her mother hope they are able to reach people who care, and are humbled by the support they have received thus far. Every dollar has been put to good use, and they hope sharing their story will encourage more people to support their crowdfunding page.

“At this point, any amount is a blessing,” said Repka. “We are so grateful to people willing to help us in this trying time.”

Visit Repka’s ASEA page to learn more about the incredible health product ASEA, and those who would like to help her mother save her home and continue on the path to recovery can donate at her crowdfunding page: https://www.gofundme.com/desperate-cant-care-for-my-mother.

About ASEA:

At ASEA, we believe that all human beings have three basic needs: to believe, to belong, and to become. ASEA empowers its Associates to believe in its life-changing products, to belong to an organization driven by principles, and most importantly to become better people, professionally and personally.

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