Bisexual people are sensitive and care what people think of them.

LOS ANGELES, CA, January 31, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Bisexual is the nature of being attracted to either gender. One can be Bi and faithful to a partner, or live in celibacy if that is his/her choice. Don’t be afraid to enter a relationship with somebody who is bi-communicate, and you may find you’ll learn so much more that attracts you.

Whether you know somebody who is “Bi” or are curious about different behaviors, here are some things you should never say to a bisexual people. The data scientists at sought to mine the preferences of their 1.6 million users to see what they don’t want to hear from the public.

1. Bisexual Is A Passing Phase
Most people keep the misconception to bisexuals that being bisexual is just a passing phase, not all will grow out of it. However, just like heterosexual and homosexual people, bisexual people will also get attracted by both female and male at the same time. It can not be controlled or changed. Bisexuals feel that if they are emotionally and physically addicted to a person of the same sex, this attraction should take precedence over the gender be it, male or female.

2. Bisexuals Are Promiscuous And Incapable Off Ideality.
So many interviews and extreme sexism told the general public that bisexuals were sexually confused and highly promiscuous. But that’s not the case at all. Bisexuals are attracted to both female and male, which doesn’t mean they will have relationship with both sexes at the same time. on the contrary, bisexual people are more difficult to meet and date a people with the same sex orientation. It doesn’t make the relationship process any easier.

3. You Will Readily Engage In Threesomes
The urge to dive into a ménage or orgy is not mutually exclusive with bisexuality. When one considers all the possible combinations of three-way, four-way… sex acts, it’s possible to have fun without same-gender contact. Don’t assume that because somebody likes men and women that he/she is willing to hop into bed with both.

4. Being Bisexual Means Having A Male And Female Lover At The Same Time
While bisexual people may be with both men and women over their dating career most bisexuals don’t feel like they need to be with both genders at the same time to feel fulfilled.

5. Are You Sure You Are One?
“You’re just confused.” Don’t make their sexuality a big thing – If they don’t want to discuss it, it’s not your business. Constant questions about someone’s sexuality are not appropriate.

6. Bisexuals Are Really Just Gay Or Straight People In Denial
It’s simple to want to dismiss certain behaviors. If a younger person experiments in same-sex intimacy, it’s a phase, nothing to be taken seriously. Conversely, if a woman believe to be lesbian is suddenly dating a man; she was never gay to begin with. Know this: a person can desire both sexes. While somebody may not date a man and a woman at the same time, it doesn’t negate that person’s feeling.

7. You Just Want To Go Through Everyone
So are they equally interested in men and women? Not necessarily. Some are, some are not. Some say they’re attracted to men and women in different ways, others say gender just isn’t relevant to who they’re interested in.

8. Bisexuals Spread HIV And STIs
“Bisexual people carry AIDS.” Most people hold the opinion and always against bisexual people. Bisexual men are often taken as the agents of transmission of AIDS from the gay to the heterosexual population, and bisexual women may be taken as transmitters of AIDS to lesbians. However, AIDS may be transmitted by the sex behavior not the sexual orientation.

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