“If you truly desire a door to open, seek it out; if it doesn’t open, then create a door for yourself, and run through it like your life depended on it.”

FRANKLIN, TN, March 06, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — RELEASE IN 2018 and PRE-ORDER MARCH 5th 2018! For those who have experienced her masterclass, 7 DAYS TO RELEASE YOUR AMAZING LIFE, get ready! Better yet, if you have not experienced any of her electrifying inspirational books, movies, podcasts… brace yourself.

Coming to you in book format (by popular request), “7 Days to Release Your Amazing Life: Exploring Dreams, Mastering Vision, Dominating Your Brilliance GLOBAL EDITION is in the fiery oven!

GENRE: Nonfiction CATEGORY: Business: Inspirational

A New Inspirational and Thought Provoking Guide for Emerging Creative Professional Entrepreneurs, Ready for their Next Level of SUCCESS.

If you truly desire a door to open, seek it out; if it doesn’t open, then create a door for yourself, and run through it like your life depended on it. ~365 Daily Vision Nuggets, Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, NP

“Regardless of what life dictates, I was finally ready to make things happen for me. It was my turn to live life full and be the best of ME. If it meant dragging myself out of bed at 3 am in the morning, to my laptop where I tap on the keys, ensuring that my life-story was written the best possible way. Perhaps it meant me driving 200 miles to a speaking event, then turning right back, cruising down the highways to catch a red-eye flight to yet another engagement. While it may seem hectic to others, this was me, living my dream… the dream I had always wanted since I was a little girl born in the South Western Region of Africa; the dream many told me it would never happen for me as a African female writer, living in diaspora; the same dream people laughed at, stating I was way too old to achieve in America. Yes, it was the dream of becoming a World Re-knowned Global Vision Midwife , one who helps Creative Visionaries like myself, fearlessly deliver their legacy….

….Through it all, the good, the bad, the ugly, I have learned to release my amazing life, despite life’s sometimes “harsh” lessons. I have learned that it is not about the “occurrences” but the journey attached to them. It is about us discovering our “genius” in the middle of a raging storm. It is simply about understanding that our experiences were not designed to break us but to mold and shape us, so that we are ready to live an amazing life. More so, it is about total submission to the process understanding that only you can do you the best possible way. That the world is waiting for the genius to arise and take back his or her vision.”

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Known as GLOBAL VISION MIDWIFE(TM), Dr. Princess Fum S. Hancock is a Psych Mental Health Life Strategist, Bestselling Author, Coach to Professional Creative Entrepreneurs looking to turn their brilliance into profit. CEO of STORYTELLER BISTRO(TM), a Princess of Suburbia(R) Company is celebrating her 21st year of being a published author. She has chosen to celebrate in a different way by creating a campaign around her next book, 7 Days to Release Your Amazing Life.

Her reason:

(1). To raise awareness and donation for her non-profit organization, The Princess of Suburbia Foundation (The Adassa Project), a US 501(c)3 organization impacting the world in the African continent by providing quality education and health for the under privileged.

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