After the Impact Fund (ATIF) partners with Transformations Treatment Center (TTC) to provide Mental, Behavioral and Addiction Therapies for our Military Veterans and Retired Professional Athletes.

CHICAGO, IL, November 28, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — After The Impact Fund (ATIF) facilitates custom treatment plans for Military Veterans and Retired Professional Athletes for injuries both seen and unseen. Through a partnership with TTC, ATIF has added a premier partner for mental and behavioral health, as well as a nationally recognized drug and alcohol program to address addiction and pain management in these communities. TTC integrates natural and holistic protocols, along with traditional medications, individualized programs, and personalized, nurturing care.

Former NFL player, Randy Grimes, responsible for Business Development and Strategy at TTC, introduced the two organizations after seeing complimentary missions and visions that focus on help and hope. “Injuries I received on the football field and the subsequent chronic pain associated with those injuries ruled my life for over 20+ years. I was a prisoner to pain medication and depression, with very little hope that it would ever get better. Until I asked for help! That’s when I realized there were organizations like After The Impact Fund and Transformations Treatment Center that could revive the HOPE that was lost. Through their professional and clinical services, knowledge, and compassion, lives and relationships are being restored,” declares Grimes.

“People will do anything to avoid pain, both physical and emotional. Many turn to using substances with the intention of just getting through the day,” adds Megan Garvey, Clinical Director at TTC. “We can help you feel excited about life again rather than just trying to get through it. Pain hurts…. Recovery heals.”

Eric Hipple, Director of Outreach for ATIF explains, “Trauma and Pain, whether emotional or physical have an effect on a person’s life and their loved ones as well. TTC is a tremendous partner for ATIF in helping our communities get back to a quality of life whether through addiction treatment, or mental or behavioral health counseling.”

As far as ATIF is concerned, they are excited to have found such a capable and committed partner. Shannon Jordan, Executive Director of ATIF, says “we want the very best for the communities we serve, and we have found that in Transformations. We are not only impressed by the effectiveness of their treatment, but also their heartfelt care and concern.”

Retired Green Beret, Art Pue states, “As the Military Representative of ATIF’s Board of Directors, I am particularly pleased with the added services we can provide through TTC. Our servicemen and women truly deserve the best.”

Matt Hirsch, President of TTC, sums the partnership up. “ATIF is a good ethical provider that wants the best care possible for the veterans and athletes that they serve, and we have the same mission.”

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About After The Impact Fund (ATIF)
After The Impact Fund (ATIF) is a 501c3 non-profit, charitable organization that facilitates custom treatment plans for Veterans and Athletes with injuries both seen and unseen. Whether on the field of play or battlefield, every hit takes a toll and many end their careers suffering in silence. But through our vetted resources, ATIF provides a clear path to healing for these individuals and their families. Bringing these communities together, our solutions remove or reduce symptoms, help mend relationships and provide a renewed sense of purpose. For more information or to get involved please go to

About Transformations Treatment Center (TTC)
Transformations Treatment Center (TTC) is a PHP treatment center in Delray Beach, Florida, offering 12-step traditional and Christian dual diagnosis treatment programs that last between 30 to 90 days—depending on the client’s needs. Known for our excellent diagnostics, assessments, treatment planning and medical care, we help clients stop their drug and alcohol use—but more importantly, we teach them how to maintain that lifestyle so they can get their lives back and relationships on track. We’re a dual diagnosis facility and in addition to treating drug and alcohol problems, we help clients overcome gambling and sex addiction, trauma, depression, grief, loss and anger management issues. At Transformations, we heal the whole person—emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. We offer the most up-to-date, innovative therapy and constantly adapt to better ourselves and benefit our clients. For more information please go to www.TransformationsTreatment.Center

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