What Deters Burglars and what does not Deter Burglars

PHILADELPHIA, PA, February 22, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Burglaries can happen at any time of day. Many homeowners only think about potential burglaries happening at night. However, homeowners should consider that burglaries can happen even when he homeowner is just at the store or at work.

Some precautions that homeowners can take to deter potential burglars are:

Upgrade Locks – The National Crime Prevention Council suggests that homeowners should change their locks on their homes to make homes more secure. Homeowners should look for locks that can withstand tampering. A homeowner should consider things like the strength of the lock, it’s durability, and key control. Some other things to consider are how far the deadbolt extends and keys that cannot be duplicated. Locks have ratings that tell buyers the level of their durability. Homeowners should consider locks that have ratings of a 2 or more. However, the NCPC advises that even a lock with a rating of a 2 may last only 5 years depending on how often it is used.

Not Advertising High End Purchases – Homeowners should be aware of not just what they post online but also of what they put in the trash. If a homeowner buys a new tv or laptop they should break down the boxes to completely fit inside of a garbage can. When homeowners put boxes out on the curb for trash, they are alerting potential burglars to what is inside of the home. Homeowners should also consider not leaving expensive outdoor equipment, grills, or bicycles outside where potential burglars might see them and take them.

Hiding Valuables – Burglars aren’t always just after big items. Homeowners should consider hiding smaller expensive items like jewelry or electronics. Depending on the item, homeowners might also consider placing items into secure lockboxes. TVs, speakers, and other larger expensive items should be moved away from windows. If the items cannot be moved, then homeowners should consider moving furniture to hide the items. In case of theft, homeowners should also consider keeping a list of the make, model, and serial numbers for each electronic device in the home.

Keeping Home a Well Lit and Trim Shrubs – Most burglars target homes with no lights, limited lighting, or overgrown bushes and shrubbery near the dwelling. Homeowners should make sure that all outside lighting is in good working condition and that they keep all entrances to the home well lit. These lights should be turned on at night. Timers and motion sensors can also be bought and attached to outside lights as deterrents. Homeowners should also think of all bushes and shrubbery near the home as a potential hiding spot. With that thinking in mind, homeowners should take the time to trim all bushes and shrubbery.

Change Schedules – Consistent routines are something that also invite burglars. Routine schedules make it easy for a burglar to tell when the home is unoccupied. Homeowners should consider switching up their schedule on some days during the week to help deter any burglars.

While those are just a few actions that homeowners can take to deter burglars there are even more that they can take. There are also some actions that homeowners should not take.

Some actions that would not help deter burglars are:

Suspending mail delivery while gone – Suspending mail while homeowners are away for an extended period of time is a sure way to clue burglars that no one is home. If the mailman skips a home suddenly, it alerts burglars that no one is home. Instead homeowners should have a neighbor or family member pick up their mail for them.

Posting Alarm Signs – While installing an alarm system is a good idea, it is not such a good idea to advertise what alarm system the home has installed. Instead, homeowners should put generic signs that do not say a company name. If the signs advertise what company the home Is protected by burglars can use that information to find ways around the alarm system.

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