We stand together accepting that we are the heroes in our recovery, skillfully mastering our platforms, manifesting our boldness, dominating our sphere of influence and using our master stories to build legacies for generations to come. #Tear-the-Veil

NASHVILLE, TN, December 17, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — In the advent of the release of her bestselling book, Wake Up Girl, You Are Worthy and Depth of Field International Film Award of Excellence for her documentary, Fearless Visionaries Tear the Veil, the Princess of Suburbia®, launches the very first EXCLUSIVE Online Vision Mapping Tea-time™ party for women only.

Princess of Suburbia® Fearless Visionaries™ Tear the Veil™ is the first ever VIP Virtual Vision Mapping™ Pajama Tea-Time Party of its’ kind. It is an inspirational, thought-provoking, empowering but more importantly, a haven for selective power-house women to live life together, share their stories of victories, inspire one another, and prepare to tear their veil globally.

For years women have remained silent! Women molested, sodomized with sons accused of immoral acts. Women who share their countries ravishing impact of AIDs and poverty.

This party is a haven. It is a place where powerful women from a diverse background, from the United Kingdom to USA, Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Canada, Africa … several professional fields and business strata, all converge to spend quality time, #TeartheVeil and prepare themselves for the most important platforms of their lives, with YOU the global audience at the hem. As thought leaders themselves, they seldom find a place where they can relax, pull the veil and share their truths.

While there have been stories of abuse in the media and few movements coming up, these women’s stories are incredibly powerful, mind-blowing with several twists to them, that they are still standing, and they are ready to share their hearts with the world.

“We want our boys to pay attention and our girls to stand in alert position. Selected women to this uniquely positioned virtual tea-time pajama party are like no-one you’ve ever met. I am looking forward to pulling the curtains back and sharing them with the world! We want to break the circle in our homes and the world at large!”

I, Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, DNP, ask that media outlet be ready to hear stories that will blow their minds… compelling accounts of personal stories swept under the rug for the longest time which time. These own journeys have all of the makings of success when unveiled. WE NEED YOU to help us #tearourveils on your global platforms.

Regardless of what cultural backgrounds we hail from, Muslim, Christian, we are ready to take the stand for both sides of the coin. Due to the sensitivity of these stories from these powerhouse women, we have no choice but to launch the virtual pajama party exclusively.

January 12, 2019, at 9 AM CST, we attend our Pajama-Party where carefully chosen women participate in Dr. Princess Fumi’s signature program, POS® Vision Mapping which was first released into the market in 2015 and later packaged with her bestselling book, Quit Your Job in 90 Days.

March 2019 ~ Our Fearless Visionaries™ officially unveil, and their identities are known to the world!
(Shhhhh! How? We are not at liberty to share yet.). Information will be released late January to February 2019 at www.theprincessofsuburbia.com.

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Known as GLOBAL VISION MIDWIFE™, LifeRehab™ Ambassador, Dr. Princess Fumi S. Hancock is a Psychiatric Mental Health Doctor of Nurse Practice, Bestselling Author, Host of The Doctor of Nurse Practice™ Show, CEO, Princess of Suburbia(R) Publishing Company, an International Child Advocate (in Africa) and an International Speaker (TEDx Talk-Saudi Arabia) and media expert.

Through her program, Our Visionary Voices™ and the Fearless Visionaries ™ Tear the Veil™ movement, she pulls the curtains and bringing solutions to the forefront.

Dr. Hancock is also an award-winning Filmmaker who has dedicated her film projects to social awareness as well as building women’s self-esteem up where life experiences have broken them. She applies her Mental health background on her podcasts, online TV shows, and books. She has been featured, in several international print, tv and radio media outlets.

Her publishing house is known for turning out bestselling authors.

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