One-of-a-Kind / Feel-Good Story / for News Professionals on this Giving Tuesday! Platform advertising and sponsorships turn fun and memorable movie moments into funds for sick, injured and suffering children…

EFFINGHAM, IL, November 27, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Movie Quotes 4 HOPE: The Next Big Earnings System for Children’s Charities. Pre-Launch Campaign Preview: Turning memorable movie moments into funds for sick, injured and suffering children. For many, writing a charitable check for a generous amount is just not feasible. But with the upcoming launch of Movie Quotes 4 HOPE, the everyday person—and fan of popular movies—can help earn money for children’s charities without pulling a penny from their own pockets.

Since 2016, Movie Quotes 4 HOPE founder Neil C. Luallen has dedicated much of his time and own money to the development of a unique earnings system that uses daily video quizzes featuring movie quotes to raise funds for children’s charities. “Movie Quotes 4 HOPE is unlike anything you have ever seen,” explains Luallen. “Anyone who loves movies or trivia can have fun answering video quiz questions for free, and the funds earned will come from paid advertising and sponsorships on the platform. People can also take advantage of opportunities to rent or buy the fully credited, critiqued and reviewed movies used in every quiz. Plus they can win even more money for their favorite featured charities by simply participating and occasionally sharing daily contest questions on Facebook and Twitter.”

Before all the fun, games, and charitable earnings for children can begin, Movie Quotes 4 HOPE must complete its own upcoming fundraising efforts to finish the platform and activate the earnings system. To do just that, Luallen has created a unique Indiegogo Campaign.

Pre-launch preview of the campaign:
Created to raise awareness of his efforts and encourage future individual donors to become $5 Founders, Charter Members and Social Media Supporters of Movie Quotes 4 HOPE. It is also imperative that there are a large number of FREE Challenge Participants to help prime the charitable earnings and sharing engines at launch.

“While great progress is still being made, items like platform hosting, unforeseen legal fees, charitable licensing and registration requirements, necessary upgrades and changes, and other odds and ends are now beyond our budget,” says Luallen. “It would be devastating to stop our work on Movie Quotes 4 HOPE, which has been going on for over two years now, when we are so close to going live and earning money for children’s charities. That’s why the selfless and compassionate contributions of our Founders & Charter Members, plus our FREE Social Media Sharers and Supporters are so important!”

Indiegogo Campaign Preview Video:

Through the Upcoming Indiegogo Campaign, Luallen HOPEs to raise the $51k needed to finalize and launch Movie Quotes 4 HOPE. Founders and Charter Members who make a one-time donation of just $5 or more will be featured on the “Heroes 4 HOPE” / “Wall of Fame” on the platform. People who are not financially able to donate can still be instrumental by simply being a Free Challenge Participant, Social Media Supporter or Campaign Sharer, as their free participation will help jumpstart the earnings and sharing engines for the charities.

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Movie Quotes 4 HOPE! / Movie Quote Critic, LLC / Answer Fun Movie Quote Video Quiz Questions & Earn Money for Top Children’s Charities! Unlike anything, you have ever seen! Unique charitable system and platform. Extremely fun with Free daily video quiz questions featuring your favorite movie stars and quotes. Anyone who loves movies or movie trivia will truly relish!

Charitable earnings will come from platform advertising and sponsorships and will be for only the worlds best children’s charities.

Pre-launch preview of the campaign:

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