After serving three years of a five year prison sentence Deleon is now home with his family eager to begin a fresh outlook on life. He’s reunited with his two sons and is shooting for the stars as he embarks a new approach to entrepreneurship.

ATLANTA, GA, March 16, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Three years ago the world witnessed Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Scrapp Deleon getting sentenced to 20 years for a drug trafficking charge. He was ordered by the court to serve 5 years with 15 years of probation. Through lots of love, prayers and good behavior Scrapp was released after serving three years and is now free to reunite with his children and family and will return for season 8 on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Since season one focused on Scrapp being the son of Karen KK King, his romantic relationships with two other cast members and baby mama drama; this overshadowed the reality that Scrapp begin making music as a professional career at an early age.

He first gained notoriety as a member of the child rap group, Da Razkalz Cru alongside brothers Bucklyte later known as Dolla and SAS. Making a handful of guest appearances on various artists’ music videos and television shows across 2000- 2002, situated the boys in a record deal with DreamWorks and modeling contract with Sean Jean. The boys diligently worked on their first album with several A-list producers only taking time out from the studio to tour throughout the nation. Despite their hard work, they were shelved and left in limbo by DreamWorks, forcing them to find a new home at Elektra Records. The moved paid off and led to an even busier schedule raising their profiles significantly, until the fall of the label and the end of Da Razkalz Cru.

Currently, Scrapp DeLeon is a public figure who has fostered a large following of fans from all over the world from his involvement with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. With over 360,000+ followers on social media, Deleon has leveraged his advantages and adversities to impact, influence and empower various communities in mass numbers. This season you will see the cameras rolling as Scrapp exits the prison system and transitions back into the real world starting with living at a transition house in Macon, GA. You will get to hear about his personal experience of overcoming systemic oppression to creating and developing various businesses he will introduce you to in 2019.

One of Deleon’s biggest goals is to serve as an advocate for youth in under served communities, and help those newly released from prison to learn how to transition into normalcy and back into the work force. There will be lots of big announcements coming so stay tuned and follow @Scrappdeleon_nbl on social media. Above all you will also witness Scrapp Deleon expressing love of his proudest life accomplishment of fathering his sons; and see how his top priority is raising these two young boys. March 25th, 2019 all media outlets are invited to join Scrapp’s Private Media Viewing party starting at 6pm. RSVP [email protected] for details.

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