Luca G. Rossetti, has won a prestigious Award of Merit from The Best Shorts Film Competition. The award was given for Luca G. Rossetti exciting short film, The Reboot, which feature exceptional cast, visuals and sound and a very intriguing storyline

LONDON, ENGLAND, July 08, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Luca Gabriele Rossetti, of Marvelous Pictures LTD has won a prestigious Award of Merit from The Best Shorts Film Competition. The award was given for Luca G. Rossetti exciting short film, The Reboot, which features exceptional “fresh” cast as Aaron T. Mccarthy and Tommaso Basili, stunning visuals and amazing sound, with a very intriguing storyline.

STORYLINE : Adam Miller, a common man, with a very common life, and a common family as well, will be the main key for revealing a shocking truth behind our ancestral questions…what exactly the humankind is?

“Passion, patience, perseverance. You have to do this if you’ve got to be a filmmaker. That is what The Reboot is about” – Luca G. Rossetti

The Best Shorts Competition recognizes film, television, videography and new media professionals who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity, and those who produce standout entertainment or contribute to profound social change. Entries are judged by highly qualified professionals in the film and television industry. Information about Best Shorts and a list of recent winners can be found at

In winning a Best Shorts Award, Luca Gabriele Rossetti and Marvelous Pictures joins the ranks of other high-profile winners of this internationally respected award including The Weinstein Company for Market Hours, Disney Interactive for Vinlymation: A Love Story and Oscar winning production Mr. Hublot from Laurent Witz from Luxembourg. Rick Prickett, who chairs The Best Shorts Competition, had this to say about the latest winners, “Best Shorts is not an easy award to win. Entries are received from around the world from powerhouse companies to remarkable new talent. The Best Shorts Competition helps set the standard for craft and creativity. The judges were pleased with the exceptional high quality of entries. The goal of Best Shorts is to help winners achieve the recognition they deserve.”

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Luca G. Rossetti is a film director who emerged from being fluent in the language of creation, concept designing,
and stunning visuals. Starting with quality commercials for Nike and Hyundai, he quickly began writing and producing
his own projects.

Rossetti has been involved in the film business for over 20 years, and has worked on many high end blockbuster
movies over that time. Born in Italy, Rossetti quickly made a name for himself in the international visual effects industry.

His unique art style and talent allowed him to transition and thrive with concept designing, matte painting, enabling his
eventual step towards art directing.

Rossetti has been in charge of 2 different art departments for blockbusters such as Conan the Barbarian under the
supervising of Dylan Cole, and also Sony Pictures Imageworks. As a writer, Rossetti first hand produced and co-written the well received projects “The Edge of Humanity” and “The Reboot”, two short films made for international film

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