Creative new weather apps serve up cockney slang and Shakespeare’s rock and roll lyrics.

DALLAS, TX, April 18, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — New mobile app Cockney Weather allows you to check the forecast while you sit on your Jack and Danny. Now you can check the weather and brush up on your cockney slang at the same time. Cockney Weather and Rock Weather are two new weather apps that deliver more than the forecast. In addition to the fun with cockney, Rock Weather serves up popular lyrics in Shakespeare’s tongue. Some of rock and roll’s finest poetry reimagined through the pen of a great playwright.

Cockney Weather, the new app for iOS is a great way to find out if it’s taters out. “This is a fun and simple way to check the weather without leaving your cat,” said Michael Lotz, a jam hole living in the Carolinas. “Let’s face it, sometimes a little cockney slang comes in handy, and this app ensures you learn a bit each time you check the forecast.” It’s hard to argue with him. You are always in the right climate when you have this app on your dog and bone.

Rock Weather serves up popular lyrics in Shakespeare lingo with a clean and simple design. Check the weather and be entertained with fun and witty twists in this rock and roll Shakespeare mash up.

Both apps feature a clean design, and include detailed weather data from around the world, including seven day forecasts, sun and wind conditions, and precipitation. Whether it is inspiring examples of cockney slang or popular lyrics in the flavor of Shakespeare, both have well-designed user interfaces that are a pleasure to use. You will find both apps to be a great fib to share with your mates at the nuclear. Both are available now in Apple’s app store

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