Weiyang Li, an up-and-coming film editor with extraordinary skills in storytelling, sees another success as his controversial new movie is set to debut internationally on Amazon VOD.

LOS ANGELES, CA, September 04, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — With so many films and documentaries available to consumers today, audiences have developed a sophisticated taste for movies. More than ever, it takes extraordinary talent in film-making to make a production stand out. Weiyang Li, a film professional who has become one of the most popular new editors in the industry, has achieved this high level of success with A Child’s Voice.

His recent work as lead editor on the feature film A Child’s Voice is a glowing expression of this gifted editor’s storytelling skills. Soon audiences across the country will have the chance to view one of his highest rated films when it begins streaming at Amazon.com.

A Child’s Voice is a supernatural thriller that delivers a powerful message about acceptance and tolerance. The focus of the film is the tragic undercover world of child trafficking. Viewers are calling the film “powerful because it compassionately shines a spotlight on a subject so many prefer to ignore.” For Li, it was worth taking on the subject of child abuse so that he could possibly help stop the suffering of children who have become victims of trafficking.

“This was a difficult film for me to lead edit.” said Li. “But, I understand the importance of shining a light on this topic to help people understand the horrible things that could possibly happen to a child under the right circumstances. I want to help people, and this is why I took the lead editing role.”

Now, with many achievements and accomplishments under his belt, Li has been approached and sought out by numerous productions. Still, Li is choosing the films he works on with careful consideration because he strives to pursue his dream of making movies about important social issues.

Li’s expert editing skills have attracted directors and producers nationally and internationally. Li took the position of lead editor on Bang! Bang!, a movie about gun violence and Jeremy Dreams for Scott which investigates the problems of schizophrenia among today’s younger generation. In much the same vein as A Child’s Voice, Li’s talent in the editing room shines throughout these productions.

The film industry recognizes Weiyang Li has a special talent not ordinarily encountered in the industry. He is herald as an outstanding leader in the field of film editing, and these skills are invaluable to the highly competitive film industry. His ability to convey a story to the audience, making the viewer feel an intimate connection with the characters in the film are notable in his most recent work. As one critic stated, “A Child’s Voice is a thought-provoking film with nuances of truth sparkling throughout the darkness.”

Learn more about A Child’s Voice at its IMDb page, view the movie trailer on YouTube, and watch for the movie’s debut at Amazon.com.


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Youtube Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3kMAbu8bCU

Full Film https://vimeo.com/ondemand/achildsvoice

Weiyang Li grew up in Jiangxi, a lovely province in southern China. Driven by his passion for filmmaking, he came to the United States to pursue a career as a film editor with hopes of creating powerful stories. Weiyang Li is known for his work on films such as A Child’s Voice (2018), Insight (2017), XYXY (2017), and A Comedy: Invisible Man (2016).

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