With the new wave of double digit rate increases, some people are looking for an alternative to ACA plans that allows them to avoid the tax penalty. Enter Health Sharing Plans.

CARMEL, CA, November 05, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — The ACA law has helped millions of Americans afford coverage via sometimes generous tax credits.

There is a segment of the market, however, that has been left behind by the Obamcare rules and options.

They have seen their rates double or triple since 2014.

They do not qualify for a tax credit and are looking for more catastrophic coverage.

Health sharing plans such as Aliera Care are quickly (more so every year) filling the void…but they are NOT health insurance plans.

It’s important for people to understand how they work…the pro’s and con’s, before jumping in.

For a subset of the market, they have to be evaluated against ACA plans or taking the tax penalty (which is up to 2.5% of gross income now).

Get more information on health sharing plans like Aliera care HERE.

If a person is not eligible for a tax credit, the rates can be less than 1/2 of the ACA bronze plans.

Again, this is a membership…not insurance. Very important distinction.

They are not for everyone…especially those that qualify for a tax credit or have health issues.

With over 1 million Americans enrolling in health sharing plans in the last two years, they are clearly for some people.

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