The group, Black Smoke Matters, claims industry leaders changed regulations without consulting the truckers themselves, who have the most innate knowledge regarding the hours and rules electronic logging devices control. 

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL, February 24, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Forerunner Insurance Group announces an upcoming, nationwide strike planned by a third-party group that affects many of its clients. The strike, organized by the Black Smoke Matters trucker group, is a response to new industry regulations regarding electronic logging devices. Black Smoke Matters advocates for common-sense regulations and accommodations for full-time drivers.

Composed of over 4,000 members, Black Smoke Matters intends to protest Hours of Service (HOS) reform that limits drivers to eleven hours of driving per day, and no more than fourteen hours total. Drivers claim these limits, along with increased regulations mandating breaks and naps, do not take loading and unloading times into account. Drivers must also carry an electronic logging device, or ELD, in their trucks to monitor activity. 

The new HOS and ELD regulations attempt to increase driver safety. However, drivers claim no one consulted them when lawmakers crafted the legislation, which resulted in significant financial losses for drivers across the country – some up to $14,000 yearly. These losses, along with the increased concentration of trucks forced to occupy safe truck stops and increased urgency to finish a route before time runs out, have actually decreased safety, truckers say.

Black Smoke matters organized the strike to call for practical legislation that considers drivers’ views, improves training and common sense standards, and addresses availability of parking and load/unload times. They urge truckers to take part in the strike and post on social media, citing the portions of the new HOS and ELD regulations that have had the greatest effect on each. Forerunner Insurance Group wishes to inform truck driver clients of the strike and its intent, in the event they desire more information. 

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