Co-Founders of PROSPER Show and Partners of Buy Box Experts release The Amazon Marketplace Dilemma, a book discussing challenges of growing sales online.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, June 21, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Freshly crowned the #1 new release for the Business Consulting section of books on Amazon, The Amazon Marketplace Dilemma helps executives better understand and control their brand strategies online. The dynamic duo of co-authors bring a breadth of online marketing experience. James Thomson is the former head of Amazon Services. Joseph Hansen is a serial entrepreneur, having built and sold multiple online businesses.

The authors show in their book that many aspects of a brand selling on the Amazon marketplace are beyond the brand’s control. There should be the assumption that products from popular brands will eventually end up for sale on Amazon, regardless of whether the brand wants their products sold at Amazon or not.

Brand executives need to address two important questions when dealing with the Amazon marketplace:

Is the brand going to sell on Amazon’s marketplace?

If the brand will sell, what distribution approach will work best for the brand?

The second question is more difficult to address by brand executives because it is the pivotal “fork in the road,” called the Amazon Marketplace Dilemma. Brand executives have to decide whether to Sell to Amazon or Sell on Amazon.

The choice by the brand executives of the option to take – together with the distribution strategy the option requires – will be the essential issues, challenges, and priorities that need to be addressed. Either option will affect the brand executive’s ability to control the brand strategies that will result in profitability and stability for managing the activities on the different channels of the Amazon marketplace. The authors discuss different considerations that are crucial in the development and implementation of the correct Amazon distribution strategy for a particular brand.

James Thomson, co-author, comments, “The brand that will be able to manage directly its Amazon channel has a good chance of establishing a solid growth foundation on the Amazon marketplace while ensuring that it has accurate and complete content on its Amazon product listings.” He continues. “A brand, to sustain solid growth, requires constant nurturing by updating its marketing, refreshing its marketplace optimization, and keeping an eye out to protect the brand on Amazon.”

Selling on Amazon’s marketplace is always challenging because of the policies and procedures involved, but the rewards can be significant when a brand can control its presence. It is important and necessary that a brand has a full understanding and ability to manage both the direct and indirect impact of the channel on its overall distribution strategy. A solid foundation and adequate maintenance of Amazon can help a brand’s presence in the marketplace and impact its profitability.

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