Scale Ops Founder Andrew Ukpabi makes deal to fund emerging ecommerce companies.

NEW YORK, NY, August 28, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — At one point in recent history – the internet was the wild west of commerce and industry. It seemed as if anyone with a computer and an idea could start a company from their home office. Two decades later, way after the dot com bubble burst; it is clear that the internet is becoming saturated and more competitive.

The competition for attention has led to increases in advertisement costs. Everyone is competing for the attention of consumers so companies not only spend more on advertising, but they do everything possible to connect better with their target markets.

Doing business online went from a luxury to a necessity and budgets went from small to large.

Andrew Ukpabi, Founder of Scale Operations Management – a business management company with 15 Million in client assets under management; believes that this trend in the short term will only grow and he explains cheerfully how this has impacted the growth of his company:

“I’ve been on a signing spree lately. In the last week I’ve signed deals with CRMS’s, chargeback mitigation platforms, and processing companies.”

A partnership with On Deck Capital (ONDK) a NYSE listed company that boasts 7 Billion in funding to more than 40,000 small business customers in the US, Australia, and Canada; is the latest in his signing spree.

In his explanation of the deal he stressed:

“Small businesses in my industry can run into problems with cash flow, and as a result it turns into a cluster of undelivered product, unhappy vendors, unhappy customers, and depressed CEO’s. A concrete source of funding is vital to my clients.”

It is no secret that small business is the engine of the US economy. Large companies hire many people but collectively, small businesses have always hired the most people.

By delivering funding in addition to the other services that his company provides, he believes he’s doing his small part in pushing the US economy forward.

SCALE Operations Management is a business management company specializing in: Strategy Creation and Execution, CPA Optimization, Analytics, Cost Cutting and Revenue Generation, PCI Compliance, Chargeback Mitigation, CRM Management, Load Balancing, Auditing, Campaign Setup, Fulfillment Center Managment, Call Center Management and Special Request Projects.

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