Based in Duluth, Ga., Davlin’s NetPEO is a brokerage firm for companies who need a Professional Employer Organization.

DULUTH, GA, August 09, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Layne Davlin, CEO and founder of NetPEO, is pleased to announce the launching of a redesigned website,, to coincide with the company’s 17 years in business. “We wanted everyone to have a nicer user experience,” Davlin said of the website update. “We wanted to bring better technology and make it easier to navigate.”

Based in Duluth, Ga., Davlin’s NetPEO is a brokerage firm for companies who need a Professional Employer Organization. Instead of company owners calling around to 10 to 20 PEOs and figuring out which quote is best to take. Their clients span all 50 states.

Davlin began his company 17 years ago without a single client. He knew that small to mid-size companies could benefit greatly from Professional Employer Organizations, but that engaging one is a difficult process.

“The majority of small businesses need these services but they don’t need the hours it takes for a full-time HR representative,” Davlin said. “It’s a way for them to have a full HR department without having to hire that 100,000 a year employee.

Small businesses may be a cornerstone in our economy, but only half of them survive the crucial five-year mark, according to the Small Business Administration. Many fail not because they are experts in their fields, but because the burdens of running a business are often overwhelming.

Business owners shouldn’t have to go to business school to learn best practices, Davlin said. And they don’t have to hire a full-time person to help them run the business. “Most can’t afford to hire a $100,000 a year HR specialist.” A PEO can offer businesses state-of-the art technology for payroll services, allowing employees to access their benefits information online, similar to the services allowed by large employers.

In the last 17 years, NetPEO has assessed and reviewed tens of thousands of different companies. That includes preschools, daycares, private schools, law firms, nonprofits, churches, dentists offices, design firms, IT companies, oncologists and dentists. NetPEO often has 600 clients at any time.

Imagine running an oncology practice with patients whose lives depend on your knowledge and care. And then at the same time, seeking out 10 to 20 PEOs who specifically help your type of business and from there negotiating for the best price from a few of them. “Most of the time, business owners don’t even know what they should be asking for,” Davlin said.

Instead of the business owner sitting through several different sales meeting and assessing which is best, NetPEO does the research and narrows the choices down to the best for each client.

“We actually walk them through the whole process from the beginning,” Davlin said. And NetPEO stays with its clients as a protective third party. “We help them resolve any issues.”

NetPEO, by design, is itself a very small, efficient business, with only five to seven full-time employees. Davlin said the staff size is deliberately small. “We don’t have a lot of layers. Our clients get very personalized attention.”

The website and continuing service is part of NetPEO’s goal, Davlin said. “Customer Service is the keystone of our business.”

For more information, contact Layne Davlin at 678-841-7672.

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