Workplace violence is an extremely serious problem that often goes unaddressed until it’s too late. Nagele, Knowles & Associates specialize in the issue and help provide solutions to reducing workplace violence.

CLEARWATER, FL, December 14, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — An act of workplace violence can have devastating results on everyone involved from the victim, to the business owner, to even the person committing the crime. The big question is can it be prevented? Or at the very least the chances of it happening be minimized? The answer, according to Richard Knowles safety/leadership advisor of Nagele, Knowles & Associates is absolutely yes. Based on his 50 years of leading safety at many levels in the trenches, Richard has become known as a “safety sage” with a proven track record to show for it. He understands the importance of safety in the workplace. The executive team over at Nagele,Knowles and Associates have an intense desire to help clients create violence- free workplaces. They even offer advise on the subject on a regular basis broadcasting on live radio every Saturday at 9:00am at

“We know this is a difficult subject to get a grip on and many are under the illusion that it’s not something that can effect their business or company,” commented a spokesperson from Nagele, Knowles & Associates. “We are here to tell you otherwise. And not being prepared for this possibility and missing warning signs can result in the biggest of disasters.”

The firm’s specialty in helping organizations uncover areas of opportunity, where they can reduce the risk of workplace violence, and can save a great deal of resources, brand identity, insurance or outright cash payouts and much more. It is one investment in the future that can certainly be worth much more than what is invested in the training and development.

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