This Summer, on the 29th of June, the Totet Safety Valve will be presented at the ASD Show in Las Vegas. You can find Totet to see this innovative device and find out how the newest Safety Valve can help you protect your Toilet.

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 28, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — If you’re not around Las Vegas this Summer, visit Totet website and check out the newest solutions for your home and business! It’s better to be safe than sorry you don’t want an 8-foot cobra climbing out of your toilet, do you?

Thanks to extensive media coverage on the topic in recent year, by now most people know that stories about creatures coming out of toilets are not just a myth. Rats, snakes, and spiders invading toilets spreading dirt and diseases can cause some serious hygienic threats to people’s health.

Totet Safety Valve is the new device helping prevent unwanted visitors from climbing into our toilets. Using the newest technology, this revolutionary, new type of valve designed by Totet blocks the way for different types of creatures to enter pipes.

Creatures in pipes contaminate the water and carry diseases - over 35 different diseases are spread by rats, snakes, and spiders in the U.S, out of which there are over a million cases of Salmonellosis reported every year.

Children, with their vulnerable immune systems, are specifically at risk. Bites can be more dangerous to them, and bacteria and germs spread by the toilet intruders present a much higher risk to them than to adults.

Hotels and commercial building owners should be especially interested in this revolutionary device. Due to the high numbers of visitors in commercial buildings, the spread of disease is much quicker, and water waste can cost building owners thousands of dollars. Totet Safety Valve saves up to 50% water consumption in every flush.

Visit Totet website and protect your toilet today! And if you’re around for a chat come see us in Las Vegas on the 29th of June at ASD Show, we’d love to help you keep your family safe!

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