A US digital healthcare pioneer Thrivors enhances its platform for cancer survivors in collaboration with NayaDaya, an innovative startup from Finland focused on a science-based solution for emotional interaction, and emotional data.

ST. PAUL, MN and LAHTI, FINLAND, September 12, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — This year alone, 14 million people around the world will hear “you have cancer”. What these people do after cancer treatment dramatically impacts their vitality and lifespan. Thrivors transforms this critical recovery period using a comprehensive cancer-specific mind-body approach that provides effective healing for patients, and data analytics for healthcare organizations to improve outcomes and lower costs.

There are few integrated resources and interactive support tools customized for cancer survivors and their loved-ones. Patients face a variety of emotions and concerns post-cancer treatment. Family members and care-givers seek support as well. Thrivors offers research-based digital services for exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, and community including educational content from Mayo Clinic to help the entire family in the healing process.

NayaDaya can be used by any healthcare platform and digital community for expressing, understanding, and responding to patient emotions, and for generating, storing, analyzing, and utilizing emotional data. The solution covers the true range of human emotions. Data analytics measures emotional well-being and patient satisfaction, and creates best emotional practices for healthcare. NayaDaya is based on the most recent scientific research on emotional language and emotion communication.

“Digital healthcare has been focusing on physiological symptom tracking and clinic-based patient data. The NayaDaya solution enriches present technologies with human emotions and emotional data. Seamlessly integrating this interactive tool on our platform, means better emotional well-being and healing for patients, and critical predictive data for healthcare organizations,” said Cathy Skinner, CEO and Founder at Thrivors – The Art of Well.

“Healthcare platforms lack emotions, even though they are fundamental to human behavior, well-being, and healing. Our solution makes it possible to create patient-focused, emotion and empathy-oriented digital services for healthcare. We are excited to have Thrivors as our first US partner, and to help both cancer survivors and healthcare organizations with our technology,” said Timo Jarvinen, CEO and Co-founder at NayaDaya Inc.

“Medical Alley is where tomorrow’s solutions are redefining value and healthcare. Digital health companies that address real consumer needs like the partnership between Thrivors and NayaDaya will be successful. After all, given the complexities of healthcare, cooperation is more likely to move the needle for transforming healthcare. It’s a true win-win!” said Shaye Mandle, CEO and President of Medical Alley.

Thrivors: the cancer care companion. We addresses a cancer survivor’s complex needs in a single mobile, device-agnostic platform. With multiple research-based modules (exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, resources, and community), Thrivors offers various avenues for engagement that bring value to the survivor, their loved-ones and predictive data to healthcare providers. Thrivors seamlessly integrates into data sharing platforms (EMRs, wearables, apps) as a bolt-on service and provides a unique resource that helps patients, providers and payers share information. More information at www.thrivors.com.

NayaDaya is a global, science-based innovation: A solution for human emotions on digital platforms. An emotional tool, and a cloud service for emotional data, can be used e.g. on digital media and healthcare platforms, online services, and applications. The multilingual solution makes it possible to hear the emotional voice of users, customers, and patients by allowing them to identify, express, and share their true feelings, as well as to be understood, and empathically responded. With NayaDaya, emotional data and big data can be generated, analyzed, and utilized to improve user and customer experiences, and to cultivate patient well-being and healing. NayaDaya Inc. is a Finnish forerunner of digital emotional communication. More information at www.nayadaya.com.

Please contact:
Cathy Skinner, CEO, Founder, Thrivors – The Art of Well , tel. +1 651 587 5440, [email protected]
Timo Jarvinen, CEO, Co-founder, NayaDaya Inc., tel. +358 40 505 7745, [email protected]
Mark Wuollet, NayaDaya US Business Representative, tel. +1 763 221 4012, [email protected]

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