Finding an alternative to high-priced local hardware manufactures can make or break a business. The China-based Roche Industry has proven to be a trusted, quality resource in this area, with prices that can revitalize a small business’s chance

DONGGUAN CITY, CHINA, July 26, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — In an interconnected world the truth most small and medium businesses have to face, is staying local to manufacture all of the needed parts of whatever it is they are offering is often a good way to price themselves out of being competitive. Most experts recommend, instead, of finding a reliable partner, in someplace like Asia capable of lifting some of this burden and helping the business raise their return on each product sold. Taking this role in a number of different manufacturing spaces is Dongguan, China-based Roche who for well over 15 years have been providing first-class industrial latch, industrial handle, industrial hinge, and industrial lock manufacturing at very attractive price points and extensive catalogs available in each category they cover. The company proudly takes orders and professionally ships worldwide.

“We see the role we play as a manufacturer just continuing to grow as we both expand our client-base, and more customers return after seeing us as a valuable partner,” commented a spokesperson from Roche. “Our mission is to not just see our own company being successful, but also to help the success of everyone who orders from us.”

RocheLtd is the wing of the company responsible for bathroom hardware and accessories manufacture providing over 5000 sets of bathroom tooling to customers as well as custom-molded options.

RocheClamp cover toggle clamps built to suit a wide variety of industrial and OEM&ODM applications, keeping 500 plus different varieties ready to ship.

RocheHandle manufactures professional door handles of all kinds.

RocheHardware provides flight case offer flight case handles and accessories, including case handles, pull down latches, adjustable toggle latches, butterfly latches, butterfly locks, spring toggle latches, case latches, case locks, ball corner protectors, and top-quality catch plates. All are made of 100% stainless steel.

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