Bitbetbuddy is the crypto newbie mecca. It is a hub that equips you with all the details you need to efficiently and safely get-in on the action of the crypto world.

SARNIA, ON, April 16, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Despite what its naysayers keep peddling about them, there is something about cryptocurrencies that keeps the world entranced and fascinated by this brave new world. Crypto assets are the product of the undeniably revolutionary blockchain technology, a technology whose main attribute is the fact that it is sabotage-resistant and cannot be shut down once put into play.

Fascinated as we all may be and intrigued by the possibilities of making huge profits on investments in this exciting world, but the fact remains that cryptocurrencies remain little understood by the general public. Prone to technical jargon, a large number of products, and very few people who actually know the inner workings of this industry, since its inception, the cryptocurrency world has frozen out most people. This market is viewed as not the most user-friendly of industries. As you can imagine, not everyone will put their money into what they fully do not understand.

The Bitbetbuddy Solution

Amidst our confusing cocktail of intrigue and lack of full understanding of cryptocurrencies and how they work, comes the Bitbetbuddy rescue. This is a site like no other in the industry at the moment, as its main goal is to demystify the world of cryptocurrencies and make them a natural extension of our modern lives. Bitbetbuddy is the creation of a visionary team that sees the unlimited possibilities and good that cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology can offer us all in our lives, and in order to fully deploy the use of these amazing digital assets to make our lives easier, understanding them at the most basic level is key.

Bitbetbuddy is the crypto newbie mecca. It is a hub that equips you with all the details you need to efficiently and safely get-in on the action of the crypto world. With a carefully audited stream of information that is broken down to its rudimentary parts to make cryptocurrencies fully comprehensible even to the newest of users, Bitbetbuddy is set to become the all-convenience one-stop shop for people that wish to access understandable, and useful information they can completely rely on.

A Feature-Rich Hub

Let’s get something clear, cryptocurrencies are about serious money and not just a hobby. Knowing this, Bitbetbuddy has equipped itself with all the necessary tools a potential investor can use to make the right decisions after absorbing all the simplified information.

Charts, tools, indexes of exchanges and converters are among the few cutting-edge investment apparatuses that have been fully integrated into this amazing site.

If for the past 9 years you have been frozen out of the Crypto industry as a result of a lack of understanding on what it is all about and how to get started in it safely, then Bitbetbuddy offers you and I that safe passage into the industry for the first time.

All the latest news and trends on the crypto markets are also available real-time, in an intuitive, highly accommodating and user-friendly interface. The world of cryptocurrencies need not be the stranger to you anymore, lets buddy up and learn the secrets to success while avoiding the pitfalls in the market of bitcoin and cryptocurrency together.

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Join us now….Let Bit Bet Buddy be your friendly guide to bitcoin and cryptocurrency made easy.

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