Six cancer patients is going to climb the top of the Mont Blanc to show that is possible to fight disease and to support other cancer patients.

RIGA, LATVIA, June 21, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — From 29 July to 12 August, Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation in cooperation with the Mountain Group of Latvia organises a climbing trip dedicated to support oncology patients: “Climb For Cancer” in the European Alps, reaching the top of Mont Blanc. Similar activities are already popular in the world.

The goal of the project is to encourage and inspire oncology patients to fight the disease, to popularise the resistance against it and to facilitate retaining the quality of life also during the treatment phase.

Einars Repse, Head of Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation, said: “During conversations with oncology patients, they have emphasised that the disease has made them reassess priorities of their life. Many of them are surprised to say that diagnosis does not mean that this is it. Quite the contrary, living a full-fledged life and retaining the quality of life despite the disease become the priority. Members of our team will climb to live. Let’s wish them luck!”

During the trip “Climb For Cancer”, six oncology patients, who are successfully fighting the disease or have already overcome it, will participate at activities approved by their doctors. Before the climb, training will be carried out during which the necessary mountain climbing skills will be acquired and improved.

During the event, the participants will share their experience and stories that will also be published as video diaries on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube platforms, to promote the public understanding of oncology diseases and inspire other patients. In the end of the project, the climb and stories of the participants will be included in a documentary.

Currently the group of participants for the climb “Climb For Cancer” is complete, however, the organisers of the event are ready to accept participants who can finance the trip by themselves.

We invite everybody to support the initiative “Climb For Cancer” and reach the top of a mountain of your choice, or reach the upper floors of buildings climbing stairs and share your achievements in social networks. The altitude does not matter. All the steps taken to support the initiative will be summarised using a joint counter that will be available at the website of Aina Mucenience Virotherapy Foundation and social networks. The goal of the campaign is to inspire people to overcome themselves, step outside the comfort zone, popularise active and healthy lifestyle. To participate at the campaign, mention the number of steps you have taken and use hashtag #cancerclimb.

More information on the event is available at the website of Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation. or via telephone + 371 67809861

Information was prepared by: Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation
Additional information: or via telephone + 371 67809861

The goal of Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation is to help people around the world to receive virotherapy and the anti-cancer drug developed in Riga. We provide support to patients and their loved ones during the treatment and overcoming the disease.

Considering the last will of the scientist, author of the drug Rigvir and the founder of cancer virotherapy Aina Muceniece, the Virotherapy Foundation stands up for every oncology patient’s right to receive cancer virotherapy as a harmless and potentially efficient treatment.

The Virotherapy Foundation facilitates availability of virotherapy around the world.

The Virotherapy Foundation fosters understanding of oncology, treatment of oncological diseases, and opportunities to improve the quality of life using the cancer virotherapy.

The Virotherapy Foundation involves oncology patients in voluntary activities supported by the doctors that improve the patients’ quality of life and popularise retaining the quality of life during the treatment.

Within its compass, the Virotherapy Foundation operates in the areas of charity, health improvement, disease prevention, and protection of patients’ rights.

Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation was established on 14 December 2016, six years after the death of Aina Muceniece, prominent professor and inventor of anti-cancer drug.

Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation was established by Aina Muceniece’s daughter Dite Venskus, granddaughter Katrina Pumpurina, grandson Jurgis Auzins, and great grandson Kristaps Reinholds.

Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation is your opportunity to support availability of virotherapy across the world and promote scientific research in the area of virotherapy.

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