Chicago, Illinois – Chicago FPC saves buyers, sellers, and agents a lot of hassle when dealing with FPCs. Agents like Chicago FPC Service can execute multiple FPCs at once. Their agents are approved by the Water Department system, allowing for expedited approval time and tremendous accuracy for only $40.

The City of Chicago mandates a Full Payment Certificate (FPC) for every transfer of real estate. An FPC is a certificate given by the City of Chicago Department of Finance that explains that all water, sewer charges, and any penalties collected for a water account are entirely paid off; otherwise, the property is not transferrable to the subsequent owner.

A completed FPC application works as a petition to the Department of Finance to shift service away from the transferor’s account and into the transferee’s account. Without a complete FPC, the individuals cannot obtain the City of Chicago Real Property Transfer Tax stamps; these stamps are necessary to catalog the property deed with the Cook County Recorder of Deeds. The approved FPC is required even toward exempt transfers. If no Water Certification is received, both the transferor and the transferee will be collectively and severely responsible for any persisting utility charges, penalties, and applicable fees accrued to the account.

The advantage of using Chicago FPC is that they are accurate, which means that buyers and sellers can rest assured that their FPC will be accurate. Their agents are also timely and have access to the Water Department FPC and guarantee expedited processing. The team is also highly professional, and they understand how to cooperate with the Water Department to transfer difficult FPCs into “ready” status.

How to Obtain an FPC – General Tips

  1. Application and Fee: To receive an FPC or Full Payment Certificate, a completed application, plus a Chicago Water Certification Fee of $50.00, must be turned in to the Department of Finance. Although, if the property is exempt from the Real Property Transfer Tax, the FPC application fee is waived as long as it is sufficiently marked on the application.
  2. The Chicago Water Certification FPC requires submitting supporting Information: One of the subsequent required documents must be presented: Copy of the deed for the intended transaction, Schedule A of the title commitment, or a signed sales contract.
  3. Ready Status and Certification: FPCs are valid for approximately 60 days from the “Ready Status” date. If an FPC expires, one must submit a new application. A payment link will be emailed to the email listed on the application. The Chicago Water Department advises ten business days to process completely.

Anyone selling or buying a property in Chicago should reach out to Chicago FPC so they can help make things a little easier. Feel free to check out their blog for more insight into how they can assist, or give them an email for any questions.

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