Lisa Bracken, whose effective and evolved approach to social justice and sustainability advocacy launched a decade-long swell of global awareness and policy change still in effect and designed to evolve further, brings you this unique opportunity!

DENVER, CO, September 06, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — In celebrating independent publishers and the readers who support them, New Flight Books is delighted to offer all of its digital titles by renown author and speaker Lisa Bracken FREE to download from (exclusive digital distributor) from Thursday, September 06 through Friday, September 07, 2018.

And, for you to share and discuss with your readership, all main titles are again available free to download all day on Saturday, October 20, 2018!

Pioneering the field of independent publishing and – for over a decade – teaching others how to become an indie publisher, Bracken leaves a legacy of original works across a spectrum of genres including humorous fiction, philosophy, poetry and children’s literature.

In the broad arena of international public policy negotiations, Bracken’s successful advocacy work is reflected in the nearly 900-page field manual: You And What Army? How to Neutralize Conflict and Negotiate Justice for the Totally Outgunned, Inwardly Timid, Burnt Out or Socially Defunct. identifying her principals, illustrating her approach and guiding future advocates through a veritable how-to workshop of productive socio-political change. This work is also available in print, but is not a part of this free digital offer.

Bracken’s innovative profile in graphic storyboard format can be found here:

For a short time, New Flight Books is offering expanded free digital downloads of the indispensable guide that in 2011 launched a forward-thinking global movement that continues to lead nations in reclaiming social justice and preserving sustainability through innovative negotiation concepts developed, refined and introduced by Lisa Bracken in “You “And What Army?…”

An original thinker, conceptual developer, educator and sustainability advocate featured in five international documentaries, Bracken has loaded this bastion of change with many of her most innovative and successful policy-shaping applications including the overarching concept of evolved negotiations; the growing importance and development of cloud coalitions; the hidden messages in communication modes and cues; and, building a more self-supporting matrix of shifting leverage.

Eagerly and internationally embraced by institutions of higher learning, business and military leaders, policy makers, diplomats and advocates, “You And What Army?…” illuminates valuable principals in overcoming imposition through retooled circumstances providing a productive and efficient path toward solution.

From the Editor of The Negotiator Magazine, John D. Baker, Ph.D.:

“…it is a compendium of movement methods and strategies, designed to be sampled and used as a playbook and a game-changer for a major movement. Whether you are a movement leader, a negotiation scholar, a defender of an organization, or an instructor in negotiation, this is a book you need to explore and understand in this dynamic world. Highly recommended.”

In her straight forward, sometimes wry and typically entertaining style, Ms. Bracken sets a new and higher measure of negotiation success by demonstrating how to efficiently master the modern art of civil controversy, constructive compromise and leveraged outcomes.

A trailblazing template for local-to-global transformation, “You And What Army?…” is the people’s guide to social justice and constructive political reform in the 21st century, introducing a new and blended approach to solving the types of unbalanced, persistent or complex conflicts which have come to unnecessarily plague our modern culture through broad system decay and poorly contrived attempts to preserve status quo.

An excerpt:

History – particularly periods of great social or political change – has shown that environments of chaos as well as those of absolute order offer unique opportunities for efficiently achieving objectives.

Social discord offers the cover of distraction beneath which conditions can be manipulated to facilitate agendas. Social order, on the other hand, directly imposes conditions most conducive to accomplishing agendas. Extremes of either one frequently instituted equally opposing forces which introduced unpredictable reactions difficult to control and led to highly reactive periods.

A rear-view of history and a near-view of today reveal the same tendencies repeated across time, geographies and cultures. It appears to be a pattern which human beings cannot escape. But, of course we can. And that’s what negotiations are about: Bringing equity of force to compel moderate transformation in order to achieve mutual and essential need. In this way, negotiation serves both discord and order, but in a sublimely balanced, and therefore highly tolerant, absorbable way.

In “You And What Army?…” Bracken explores the causes of contemporary conflict and presents practical applications toward potential solutions in this richly presented, conversational, and highly navigable guide capable of helping even the most uninoculated turn objections into concessions and adversaries into advocates.

Newly included in this free download offer and widely coveted by teaching institutions, are numerous individual chapters of You And What Army?… In the chapter, Become a Persuasive Negotiator through Better Communication, Ms. Bracken (a political independent) offers insight into how and why ineffective communication can fail and frustrate objectives. She then offers guidelines on improving communication skills – a timely inclusion, now that a predictive and memorably unfortunate example from the book now loudly echoes from the highest held United States executive office.

Success keeps secrets. Discover the original and inclusive source-book you’re unlikely to hear about from anyone except (perhaps) your closest, informed allies.

Also available as free digital downloads:

“Hardrock – Crazy Jake’s Fish Bomb” (humorous non-fiction), a fan fave humorous look back to 1979 where main characters, Ike and Jesse, together with a handful of lovable locals invite you to laugh along with their misadventures as Ike and Jesse escape an overcrowded Houston, TX for a ‘simpler’ life in the Colorado high-country. This book is Part One of a (to-be-released) Three-Part Saga. This title is also available in print, but is not a part of this free digital download offer.

“The Path” (philosophy): an exploration of secular spirituality as experienced by one on a highly individualized journey of self-discovery. Throughout his experience with others, himself and their common path, “Seeker” discovers real and personal meaning as well as purpose behind the concepts reflected in the table of contents: Conception and Wholeness through faith, innocence and wonder / Doubt and Dependency through default / Fear through action and reaction / Harmfulness, Needfulness and Compassion through transcendence / Resentment and Retaliation through trust, suspicion, assumption, blame and denial / Egocentricity through idolization and demonization / The Perpetual Cycle through interrelatedness, purpose and balance… and more.

“Circles in the Sand” (illustrated Poetry): “Circles in the Sand” honors and celebrates the inspiring and miraculous teaching qualities of nature through poetry while additionally exploring human emotion through our interactions with time, culture, loneliness, love, loss, war and hope.

“The Gift of Everlasting Cheer” (A storytime e-book for all ages): In the coldest and darkest of seasons, high in the mountains of the Colorado Rockies, a wood cutter huddles by his low-burning fire, worrying for his family as a fierce blizzard howls outside his cabin door. With his wood pile gone, and barely enough food to outlast the unexpected storm, how will he and his family survive the long, harsh winter? As Johann steadies his axe against the icy wind and prepares to fell the last tree standing in the village, a small voice cries out. It is a small bird, and Johann’s kind heart is about to reward his family in magical and very unexpected ways. A simply illustrated, classic tale of enduring hope, love and lessons learned for all ages.

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